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DMU400 Series 5-Axis Machining Centre


  • DMU400 adopts the reinforced telescopic arm structure and AFMING’s self-developed DD drive cradle-type rotary table. The whole machine frame has excellent rigidity and sensitive movement, which can easily cope with the requirements of high efficiency and high precision machining of various material parts and molds.

Application Industries

  • Medium-Sized Molds, Automotive Parts, Industrial Machinery.

Adequate supply of goods, available for delivery within 35 days.

Model Display


Case & Application

  • CNC case png-1
  • CNC case png-2
  • CNC case png-3
  • CNC case png-4
  • CNC case png-5
  • CNC case png-6
  • CNC case png-8
  • CNC case png-10

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