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Injection molding equipment

Injection Molding Machine

The main series include TM series articulated hydraulic servo injection molding machines, TH series direct pressing machines, and TE series fully electric injection molding machines. It has a high stability template, a high rigidity structure, and a user-friendly TUI interface.
The clamping force range of the product is 60T-5500T. It has increased functional design by 10% -15%, improved efficiency, and reduced costs.

TM170II 0_10 injection molding machine


Injection Molding Machine


Injection Molding Machine

  • High Performance
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Universally Applicable
TS470 Injection Molding Machine

TS Series Toggle Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine(90T-470T)

The TS Series Toggle Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine adopts advanced oil circuit design and is equipped with a professional controller, which enables stable machine movement, high product yield, and fast response speed. At the same time, the oblique row double injection cylinder and linear guide rail are used to make the glue injection more accurate and stable. The screw is made of high-performance nitrided steel, which is durable and efficient, and has wider applications.

TM470II Injection Molding Machine

TMII Servo-Driven Injection Molding Machine(90T-470T)

The TMII series toggle injection molding machine has the ability to mold dense plastic products with complex appearance, precise dimensions or metal inserts in one go.

TH-2200 Straight Pressure Injection Molding Machine

TH Series Direct Press Type Injection Molding Machine(130T-2200T)

TH Series Direct Press Type Injection Molding Machines are divided into two series: small and medium and large. Both series feature standardized clamping and injection platforms. The design adopts a two-plate direct pressure center clamping structure to provide the maximum mold opening stroke. This configuration meets the production requirements for large-format, deep-cavity products and is suitable for automatic part-picking applications.

TE120II (1)

TEII Series All Electric Injection Molding Machine(90T-460T)

TEII series all-electric injection molding machines have TE II all-electric and h-TE Il hybrid share platforms. Their clamping units have high-rigidity templates to stabilize the product and better protect the mold. The popular modulus design can meet the mold installation needs; Optional linear rail support makes movement lighter. The modular design of the injection unit can adapt to various working conditions. Has a humanized interactive interface.

Did you know?
Characteristics of injection molding equipment

Injection molding equipment possesses several key characteristics:

1. Accurate control: Topstar injection molding machines can precisely control factors such as temperature, pressure, and speed, ensuring consistency and high quality in production.
2. Multifunctionality: These plastic molding machines can produce various plastic products, ranging from small to large components, with varying complexity and shapes.
3. Improving efficiency: Injection molding is known for its high production efficiency, as it can achieve fast production cycles and minimize material waste.
4. Injection molding automation: Many injection molding processes are highly automated, reducing the need for physical labor and improving productivity.
5. Injection unit: The machine’s injection unit can melt plastic particles and inject the melted material into the mold cavity.
6. Locking device: The locking device fixes the half mold together during the injection process and provides the force required to keep the mold closed.
7. Cooling system: After injection, the mold must be cooled to solidify the plastic. The injection molding machine has a complex cooling system that regulates the mold’s temperature.
8. Injection pressure: Carefully control the pressure of molten plastic injected into the mold to ensure correct filling and cavity pressure retention.
9. Material processing: Injection molding equipment typically includes a system for processing and feeding plastic particles into the machine to ensure a continuous supply of materials. These characteristics have led to the widespread application of injection molding in producing plastic parts and products in various industries.
The Topstar direct compression injection molding machine generates high pressure directly on the sheet metal by the locking cylinder. The force point is in the same direction as the pressure inside the mold cavity, achieving central locking of the mold.


Training for Installation and Operation Correctly

Topstar Service

We have a comprehensive after-sales training system. To address potential issues and ensure optimal operation, we provide you with the necessary training resources for installing and operating the packaging machine.

  • Instructions for Use – Installation Steps and Operating Precautions
  • Video demonstration of installation and debugging
  • On-site training – additional service fee required

Technical Support

Whether your business is located in Europe, North America, or the Middle East, we provide global services, and our experts are on call to provide technical support services through video calls or on-site assistance. Services include:

  • First installation and debugging of equipment
  • Daily debugging and maintenance
  • Emergency fault assistance
  • Equipment optimization services

The Machinery Industry Professionals

  • Customized Requirements
  • Automation Solution
  • Professional Packaging
  • Delivery & Installation
  • 24H Technical Support

The Topstar team delivered the Water & Electric Engineering project efficiently and perfectly in a complex environment with an urgent delivery schedule.


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