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Industrial Robot

Topstar's industrial robots include the SCARA series, six-axis multi-joint series, parallel multi-joint series, and collaborative series. Load range 2-35kg, high load and high speed, standard cycle time is 0.48s. The repeatable positioning accuracy is ±0.025mm, achieving reliability and stability. IP40 or IP67 protection grade can be selected according to needs. The overall footprint is small, the structure is compact and lightweight, the arms are slender, and it supports installation at any angle.
TRH002-400-150 0_1 Industrial Robot


Industrial Robot


Industrial Robot

  • High Performance
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Universally Applicable
Scara Robot TRH005-800-200

Four-Axis Scara Robots

The self-developed four-axis SCARA robot is equipped with a precision drive and control integrated control system combined with a customized vision module, which can realize rapid automatic calibration of the robot and facilitate operation and use.

Six Axis Industrial Robots R056-03-A

Six Axis Industrial Robots

The six-axis industrial robot has a lightweight body, an arm length of 715mm/912mm/1450mm/1813mm, and can bear a load of 7-35kg. The standard cycle time is less than 0.36 seconds, which meets the pursuit of maximum output in the shortest cycle time. The floor area is 180mmx180mm. It delivers maximum performance with a minimum footprint. Minimum working radius: 145.6 mm, reducing the footprint of the base space and ensuring a compact layout. It is mainly used in high-precision and precision production scenarios such as 3C electronics, and is used in assembly, pick and place, loading and unloading, tool operations, etc.

Parallel Multi-Joint Robot P060J-03-H

Parallel Multi-Joint Robot

It realizes the fast following, grabbing and placing of the conveyor belt, which is widely used in food, automobile and other industries; it has the characteristics of large load, fast speed and stable structure.

Did you know?
High-Security Equipment

Topstar’s direct press injection molding machine directly generates high pressure from the clamping cylinder on the plate, and the force point is in the same direction as the pressure in the cavity to achieve central clamping.
The plate deformation is quite small, and the product is not easy to flash. The force of the mold is balanced, and the service life of the machine is greatly extended.
For equipment of the same tonnage, about 10% of electricity can be saved after using the center clamping.

Training for Installation and Operation Correctly

Topstar Service

We have a comprehensive after-sales training system. To address potential issues and ensure optimal operation, we provide you with the necessary training resources for installing and operating the packaging machine.

  • Instructions for Use – Installation Steps and Operating Precautions
  • Video demonstration of installation and debugging
  • On-site training – additional service fee required

Technical Support

Whether your business is located in Europe, North America, or the Middle East, we provide global services, and our experts are on call to provide technical support services through video calls or on-site assistance. Services include:

  • First installation and debugging of equipment
  • Daily debugging and maintenance
  • Emergency fault assistance
  • Equipment optimization services

The Machinery Industry Professionals

  • Customized Requirements
  • Automation Solution
  • Professional Packaging
  • Delivery & Installation
  • 24H Technical Support

The Topstar team delivered the Water & Electric Engineering project efficiently and perfectly in a complex environment with an urgent delivery schedule.


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From EEA series to TE series, we see the continuous pioneering and innovative spirit of Topstar in the field of injection molding machines.

Dme Udaykumar

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The robotic arms were installed and ran smoothly, which greatly improved our production efficiency!

Thai A-Tech

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We sincerely appreciate that more than 15,000 customers have witnessed the TOPSTAR growth and long-term supports.

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