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If you want a high-sensitivity CNC machine tool that can easily meet the high-efficiency and high-precision processing requirements of various material parts and molds. We Topstar can definitely meet your requirements. They have high stability: the base has a large span and six-point support as well as excellent mechanical properties, which guarantee good stability during processing. Fast response speed: The three-axis moving parts adopt topology optimization design, which improves the rigidity of the part structure and the drive system, reduces the inertia of the moving parts, and realizes high dynamic response of each axis. Our CNC machine tools will definitely satisfy you!
GMU-600 0_1 CNC Machine


CNC Machine


CNC Machine

  • High Performance
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Universally Applicable
GMU800 Series 5-Axis Machining Centre

GMU800 Series 5-Axis Machining Centre

GMU600 Series 5-Axis Machining Centre

GMU600 Series 5-Axis Machining Centre


DMU400 Series 5-Axis Machining Centre

HMU140P Horizontal 5-Axis Machining Centre

V856 Vertical Machining Centre

T6L Series Drilling Centre

Did you know?
High-Security Equipment

Topstar’s direct press injection molding machine directly generates high pressure from the clamping cylinder on the plate, and the force point is in the same direction as the pressure in the cavity to achieve central clamping.
The plate deformation is quite small, and the product is not easy to flash. The force of the mold is balanced, and the service life of the machine is greatly extended.
For equipment of the same tonnage, about 10% of electricity can be saved after using the center clamping.

Training for Installation and Operation Correctly

Topstar Service

We have a comprehensive after-sales training system. To address potential issues and ensure optimal operation, we provide you with the necessary training resources for installing and operating the packaging machine.

  • Instructions for Use – Installation Steps and Operating Precautions
  • Video demonstration of installation and debugging
  • On-site training – additional service fee required

Technical Support

Whether your business is located in Europe, North America, or the Middle East, we provide global services, and our experts are on call to provide technical support services through video calls or on-site assistance. Services include:

  • First installation and debugging of equipment
  • Daily debugging and maintenance
  • Emergency fault assistance
  • Equipment optimization services

The Machinery Industry Professionals

  • Customized Requirements
  • Automation Solution
  • Professional Packaging
  • Delivery & Installation
  • 24H Technical Support

The Topstar team delivered the Water & Electric Engineering project efficiently and perfectly in a complex environment with an urgent delivery schedule.



From EEA series to TE series, we see the continuous pioneering and innovative spirit of Topstar in the field of injection molding machines.

Dme Udaykumar


The robotic arms were installed and ran smoothly, which greatly improved our production efficiency!

Thai A-Tech


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We sincerely appreciate that more than 15,000 customers have witnessed the TOPSTAR growth and long-term supports.

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