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HMU140P Horizontal 5-Axis Machining Centre


  • 1. The HMU-140P horizontal five-axis linkage machining center machine adopts a moving column structure.
  • 2. The high rigidity mechanical linkage pendulum head swings along the X axis to form the A axis, and the turntable rotates around the Y axis to form the B axis.
  • 3. Adopting high torque electric spindle, HSK A100 tool handle, oil and gas lubrication, mature technology, stable and reliable.
  • 4. The A/B axis is driven by high rigidity gear backlash, and the rotary bearing is a YRT combination roller bearing.

Application Industries

  • Large Mold Industry, Automotive Parts Industry, Industrial Machinery, Civil Aviation Industry.

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Model Display

  • CNC case png-1
  • CNC case png-2
  • CNC case png-3
  • CNC case png-4
  • CNC case png-5
  • CNC case png-6
  • CNC case png-8
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