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T6L Series Drilling Centre


  • 1. High-performance spindle: the speed can reach 20000RPM, 24000RPM is optional.
  • 2. High-precision spindle direct connection structure: fast response speed, high efficiency, and reliability, and good tapping effect.
  • 3. Spindle with oil temperature control system: automatic temperature difference detection and control, to ensure the spindle runs at a constant temperature, and improve the accuracy and life of the spindle.
  • 4. High stability: The base has a large span and six-point support and excellent mechanical properties, to ensure good stability during processing.
  • 5. Fast response speed: The three-axis moving parts are designed with topology optimization to improve the rigidity of the part structure and drive system, reduce the inertia of the moving parts, and achieve a high dynamic response of each axis.
  • 6. Increase the stroke and workbench: it can better meet the needs of customers for large-size parts.

Application Industries

  • 1. New Energy
  • 2. Auto Parts
  • 3.3C
  • 4. Medical.


Adequate supply of goods, available for delivery within 35 days.

Model Display

Case & Application

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