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Four-Axis Scara Robots R800-10-SR-E

Four-Axis Scara Robots

The new self-developed four-axis SCARA robot. Equipped with a precise integrated control system for driving and controlling, with a customized vision module, it can realize rapid and automatic calibration of the robot, which is very easy to use.


  • 1. Diversified configuration: It is suitable for robot arm with 1-6kg playload and 400-700mm length, which meets different robot arm demand of clients.
  • 2. High performance: Repeated positioning accuracy can reach +-0.01mm and cycle time can reach 0.36s, increasing the handling capacity of parts.
  • 3. Light weight: The unique high rigidity robot arm design is based on TOPO opt, which combines the advantages of light weight and low vibration.
  • 4. Small but Ingenious: Self-developed drive control integration, smaller volume (325 * 235 * 135), rich hardware function interfaces, and its own protocol can quickly realize secondary development and application.

Application Industries

  • 3C, Lithium Battery, PCB, Food and Beverage, Package, Medical Care, Consumable Goods, Teaching.

Adequate supply of goods, available for delivery within 35 days.

Model Display

Four-Axis Scara Robots R1000-10-SR-E
Four-Axis Scara Robots TR005-HP800
Four-Axis Scara Robots TS850-05-A
Four-Axis Scara Robots TR001-HP400
Four-Axis Scara Robots TR0015-HP650
Four-Axis Scara Robots TR002-HP600
Four-Axis Scara Robots TS650-03-A
Four-Axis Scara Robots TS450-01-A

Case & Application

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