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Scara Robot TRH005-800-200

Four-Axis Scara Robots

The self-developed four-axis SCARA robot is equipped with a precision drive and control integrated control system combined with a customized vision module, which can realize rapid automatic calibration of the robot and facilitate operation and use.


1. Diversified configuration: It is suitable for robot arms with a 2-15kg payload and 300-1000mm length, which meets different robot arm demands of clients.
2. High performance: Repeated positioning accuracy can reach +-0.01mm, and cycle time can reach 0.33s, increasing the handling capacity of parts.
3. Lightweight: The unique high-rigidity robot arm design is based on TOPO opt, combining lightweight and low vibration advantages.
4. Small but Ingenious: Self-developed drive control integration, smaller volume, rich hardware function interfaces, and its protocol can quickly realize secondary development and application.

Application Industries

  • Lithium, 3C, Medical, Packing.

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Topstar's four-axis SCARA robot can be configured according to different application requirements, with optional arm spans of different lengths (300-1000mm length) and other types of wrists and end effectors. This flexible configuration allows the robot to adapt to various production lines and work environments. It adopts an efficient drive system and precise control algorithm to make its performance stable and achieve accurate and stable motion control. The four-axis SCARA robot is lightweight, compact, and highly precise. Compared with other types of robots, it takes up less space and is suitable for work environments with limited space. At the same time, the robot itself is easy to install, move, and adjust its position. Widely used in electronic manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, 3C, lithium batteries, PCB, and other fields.

Model Display

Scara Robot TRH002-300-150
Scara Robot TRH002-400-150
Scara Robot TRH002-500-150
Scara Robot TRH002-600-150
Scara Robot TRH002-700-150
Scara Robot TRH005-600-200
Scara Robot TRH005-700-200
Scara Robot TRH005-800-200
Scara Robot TRH015-800-400
Scara Robot TRH015-1000-400

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