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TGB Gravimetric Blender

Dosing and Mixing System

It is suitable for accurately weighing and mixing 2 to 6 raw materials such as new materials, recycled materials, masterbatch, and various additives. According to the preset proportion mixing, the required rotation speed (rpm) is automatically calculated through the conditions set by the microcomputer control system, and the measurement is accurate with an error value of ±1%.


  • 1. Microcomputer controller with digital display accurately measures the addition ratio of color masterbatch and scrap materials.
  • 2. High precise metering with an accuracy of ±1%.
  • 3. The dosing screws are offered with various size: 12, 16, 20 and 25 for developing diverse models with throughputs from 0.08~38kgs/hr.
  • 4. Can be in the different applications for injection molding machines and extruders.

Application Industries

  • 1. Electronics
  • 2. Containers
  • 3. 3C home appliances
  • 4. Cosmetics
  • 5. Auto parts
  • 6. FMCG

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Features of Dosing and Mixing System⇓


Topstar's dosing and mixing systems are suitable for plastic injection molding and extrusion molding respectively. The screw diameters are divided into 12, 16, 20, 25, etc., using imported DC brushless motors, which can be evolved into a variety of models, providing different outputs of 0.08~38kgs/hr for customers to choose from. There is also a two-color masterbatch machine that can be matched according to customer needs to meet the needs of different occasions and fields.

Model Display

TGB Gravimetric Blender
THM Horizontal Mixer
TMA Volumetric Type Blender
TMT Mix Tank
TPV Proportional Valve
TSM Screw Doser
TVM Vertical Mixer

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