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TGB Gravimetric Blender

Dosing and Mixing System

Mainly used to process quantitative weighing and mixing from 2 to 6 kinds of raw materials, including new materials, secondary materials, color masterbatches, and various additives, etc. They are weighed and uniformly stirred and mixed. Complete models, which can meet the mixing requirements of multiple accuracy levels.


  • 1. Screw Dosers are extensively used for precise auto-proportional dosing & blending of virgin, regrind materials, masterbatch and other various additives.
  • 2. High precise metering with an accuracy of ±1%.
  • 3. The dosing screws are offered with various size: 12, 16, 20 and 25 for developing diverse models with throughputs from 0.08~38kgs/hr.
  • 4. Can be in the different applications for injection molding machines and extruders.

Application Industries

  • 1. Electronics
  • 2. Containers
  • 3. 3C home appliances
  • 4. Cosmetics
  • 5. Auto parts
  • 6. FMCG

Adequate supply of goods, available for delivery within 35 days.

Model Display

TGB Gravimetric Blender
THM Horizontal Mixer
TMA Volumetric Type Blender
TMT Mix Tank
TPV Proportional Valve
TSM Screw Doser
TVM Vertical Mixer

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