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TAL Detachable Autoloader(open type)

Feeding and Conveying System

Stainless steel (corrosion free) single hopper loader is designed to provide rapid transportation of free-flowing for virgin resin or regrind resin directly to the injection molding machine. The design of the hinged upper cover of the vacuum motor ensures quick cleanup time and easy maintenance.


  • 1. The main controllers and material hopper receivers are designed separately.
  • 2. Can match 2 or above 2 hopper receivers to achieve one to multi combination conveying.
  • 3. Material conveying capacities can be up to 700kgs/hr.
  • 4. The maximum loading distance can be 10m, suitable for conveying materials over long distance.

Application Industries

  • 1. Electronics
  • 2. Containers
  • 3. 3C home appliances
  • 4. Cosmetics
  • 5. Auto parts
  • 6. FMCG

Adequate supply of goods, available for delivery within 35 days.



What’s unique about the feeding and conveying system⇓


The feeding and conveying system launched by Topstar is an efficient and flexible equipment. The central controller of the feeding and bringing system adopts advanced control technology and has powerful data processing capabilities and flexible control logic. It can accurately monitor and control the conveying process of materials to ensure the stable supply and punctual delivery of materials. At the same time, the hopper receiver, as part of the system, can work independently from the central controller. They can be configured with multiple hopper receivers to achieve simultaneous placement and supply of various materials. Each hopper receiver has an independent control system, which can be adjusted and controlled according to different material requirements to ensure accurate delivery and supply of materials. The unique design and features of the feed conveyor system make it ideal for modern production lines. It offers flexible pairing capabilities and multiple hopper receiver options for different material supply needs. Moreover, the scalability of the maximum loading distance makes the system applicable to production environments of various sizes and layouts.

Model Display

Hopper Receiver
TAL Detachable Autoloader(open type)
TAL Detachable Autoloader
TAL Single Autoloader

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