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TGL Low Speed Sound-Proof Granulator

Granulating and Recycling System

The granulators are specially designed for crushing various plastics to recycle with high efficiency. Optimized the design of the blade holder, there are flake blades, claw blades and flat blades. Blade are made of excellet alloy material with long service life. In addition, there is less powder, low noise and low consumption. Safety protection device to comply with safety conformity, stable and reliable function.


  • 1. Non-mesh screen design, well-proportioned granules and less powderpollution.
  • 2. Optimized structure of machine with small footprint which is especially suitable for the limited space of workshop to use.
  • 3. Blades are made of excellet alloy material with long service life.
  • 4. 30 sec instant recycling system to keep regrind material free from color changing by oxidation or damping.
  • 5. Low speed at 20~28 rpm, power saving, less noise.
  • 6. This unit is driven by shaft gear-motor, no need oil.

Application Industries

  • 1. Electronics
  • 2. Containers
  • 3. 3C home appliances
  • 4. Cosmetics
  • 5. Auto parts
  • 6. FMCG

Adequate supply of goods, available for delivery within 35 days.

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TFR Water Distributor
TGL Low Speed Sound-Proof Granulator
TGM Middle Speed Granulator
TGP Powerful Granulator
TGP Powerful Sound-Proof Granulator

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