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Auto Cooling System

Air Chillers adopt fin condensers (without the need of cooling water) with the features of rapid heat transmission and excellent heat dispersion. This series can be afforded cooling ranges from 5~35℃ (temperature-controlled accuracy at ±2℃); the compressors' power ranges from 5HP~50HP and cooling.


  • 1. To adopt imported superb compressors to ensure safe& quiet running, power saving, and durable service life.
  • 2. To employ a microcomputer with an easy operation that can control the temperature within ±2℃to ±4℃precisely.
  • 3. Unique condenser and heat-dispersion unit design results in excellent heat-exchange effect.
  • 4. To adopt with internal 304 stainless steel insulated water tank with durable service life for easy cleaning & maintenance.
  • 5. No need to provide cooling water; can provide 5 ~ 25℃; low-temperature type can be as low as 3℃ ice water.

Application Industries

  • 1. Electronics
  • 2. Containers
  • 3. 3C home appliances
  • 4. Cosmetics
  • 5. Auto parts
  • 6. FMCG

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The unique design of the condenser and cooling unit is a crucial feature of the system. Using cutting-edge condensation technology to achieve efficient heat dissipation of the refrigerant, ensuring the stability and reliability of the cooling system. Topstar's Auto cooling system uses a built-in 304 stainless steel insulated water tank, eliminating the need for additional cooling water. Due to the corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance of stainless steel, this dramatically saves resources and costs and ensures the service life of the water tank. The system has the characteristics of high efficiency, stability and energy saving, and is equipped with reverse phase and lack of phase protection and anti-icing protection.

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