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TE120II (1)

TEII Series All Electric Injection Molding Machine(90T-460T)

TEII series all-electric injection molding machines have TE II all-electric and h-TE Il hybrid share platforms. Their clamping units have high-rigidity templates to stabilize the product and better protect the mold. The popular modulus design can meet the mold installation needs; Optional linear rail support makes movement lighter. The modular design of the injection unit can adapt to various working conditions. Has a humanized interactive interface.


  • 1. Intelligent electric mold opening and closing: high repetition accuracy, stable clamping, precise opening position.
  • 2. Smart electric injection motion control: accurate time, pressure and position of PV conversion.
  • 3. Full digitalization bus platform: expand more optional functions.
  • 4. System dynamic multi-stage control: time, position, pressure repeat precision monitoring.
  • 5. Optional high injection speed: by changing the injection unit, satisfy the diverse needs of customers.

Application Industries

  • Medical, Home Appliances, Containers, 3C Electronics, Toys, Cosmetics, Auto Parts, FMCG.

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More intelligent TEII series all-electric injection molding machine (90T-460T)


The TEII series injection molding machines, representing the new generation, incorporate intelligent electric mold opening and closing technology. This advanced system achieves precise mold actions through an electric drive mechanism, eliminating the need for hydraulic components. This design choice minimizes transmission parts, reduces maintenance costs, and enhances the responsiveness of mold opening and closing actions. The injection process is facilitated by intelligent electro-radiation motion control technology, offering superior precision and reliability compared to traditional hydraulic systems. This technology mitigates issues like leakage and vibration, improving product quality and consistency.

The fully digital bus platform enables swift data transmission and coordination among control units. This digital control approach allows accurate monitoring and control of various parameters in the injection molding process, contributing to enhanced production efficiency and stability. The dynamic multi-level control technology of the system enables real-time adjustments of multiple parameters to meet diverse injection molding process requirements. This flexible control method can be optimized based on the product's characteristics, ensuring a more precise and stable injection molding process. The TEII series machines can also be equipped with high injection speed, further improving production efficiency and reducing cycle time.

Model Display

TE120II (1)
TE120II (2)
TE120II (2)

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