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5 Dominant Features of Cnc Milling Machine

2022/02/26 By 兰兹

Cnc Milling Machine

CNC milling machines

Firstly, the cnc milling machine system is based on microprocessors and operating systems, and its microcontrollers control the drives.

Thanks to automation, the accuracy of material processing becomes much higher, which can reduce the likelihood of scrap and increase productivity.

Furthermore, milling machines create the necessary metal parts for various industries. The central part of such an installation is a cutter with cutting incisors for processing products.

 The device works with different types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as with their alloys. The workpiece is installed and mounted on a unique movable table.
Cnc Milling Machine

Features of CNC milling machines

Moreover, 3D cnc milling machines for metal compact machines designed for metal processing have a laser scanner and come with numerical control.

 It helps scanner, engraving work, recesses, and cuts in metal blanks perform. Eventually, all manipulations serve automatically according to the specific parameters (the product drawing, the depth, and the size of the amounts included in the program).

Subsequently, the cutting element in 3D machines is a saw with many small and robust teeth. The grinding method is standard in the manufacture of car spare parts. However, It can ensure the smoothness of the workpiece.

Metal processing on a 3D cnc milling machine is performed based on a 3D model of a part and its workpiece pre-model on a computer. Hence, the technology allows you to set 3D, more precise engraving settings for future details. Round milling is performed using laser and grinding methods.

There are two types of laser scanners:

  • Thermal lasers: burn holes in metal
  • Grinding laser scanners: surface treatment of workpieces occurs according to the principle of a saw or emery. This method takes more time, but the work is done with a better choice of cnc milling machine.

In the process of choosing a CNC milling machine, the most attention should be paid to the main tasks of the device:

  • It is better to give preference to models with advanced functionality that may be needed in the future;
  • Similarly, the machine portal must be made of thick steel, which plays the role of a bed, preventing the workpieces from vibrating and their deformation. Aluminum parts have low strength;
  • The electro-spindle is the most unpretentious component of the milling machine. When choosing it, no special knowledge is required. Thanks to the spindle’s liquid cooling, the machine’s round-the-clock operation ensures.

There are two types of motion motors:

  • Stepper motors and servo motors. Moreover, the servo motor is faster and more accurate. It differs from stepper motors in that it does not skip a step;
  • The machine must have a sufficiently large selection of tools, the replacement of which is carried out in automatic or semi-automatic mode.

In addition, you should familiarize yourself with the machine software in advance. Usually, all software supplied with the device and the interface is in English.

CNC vertical milling machines

The main task of the cnc milling machine is machining workpieces. In addition, the part mounts on a table that can move in longitudinal and transverse directions.

Reliable fixation of workpieces is ensured by:

  • machine tools;
  • tacks;
  • Prisms and USP linings.

In the work of the machine use:

Cnc milling machine uses the face, end, critical, angular, shape, and other types of cutters.
Cnc Milling Machine 2022

On a vertical milling machine, vertical and horizontal flat surfaces process. It is possible to process a part located along an arc of a circle and a concentric groove.

CNC horizontal milling machines

The CNC horizontal milling machine can realize the processing of the necessary parts, which are light in weight and in size and milling method.

Some models also come with a rotary cutter head, allowing you to work as comfortably as possible and, notably, with exceptional accuracy.

Thanks to installing the CNC system (computer numerical control), the machine can automatically perform the work specified by the software. As a result, the number of marriages significantly reduces, and productivity increases.

Horizontal-type milling machines have a wide range of speed modes and, simultaneously, without loss of power level.

3D cnc milling machine

A 3D CNC milling machine is a reasonably compact mechanism that processes various metals, including non-ferrous (copper, aluminum, brass). In addition, plastic or wood products come on this equipment, which expands the machine’s functionality.

In addition, the 3D milling machine is equipped with a laser scanner and a CNC system, so the work takes place according to a previously entered algorithm. Eventually, this affects primarily the percentage of defective products and the quality of the finished product.

Drawings of the desired product and its volumetric dimensions enter into a pre-prepared program. Very often, souvenirs are made on such milling machines, and engraving work is carried out.

The milling programs enter the control unit or are read by a laser scanner. Then, the machine performs the necessary manipulations and controls the entire process.

Using a cnc milling machine makes it possible not to carry out additional grinding of manufactured products or parts.

Lastly, using such machines significantly reduces the cost of products since one, especially a trained and experienced operator, can immediately replace five artisans who perform the same work manually.

5 Axis CNC Router

 With the development of modern milling technologies, working with a workpiece in five independent coordinates became possible.

In this case, the cutter makes the following movements:

  • transverse;
  • Longitudinal:
  • vertical;
  • Rotation around two axes (inclination of the tool).

On 4-axis coordinate machines, different types of interpolation are performed:

  • linear;
  • circular;
  • Screw.

Thus, the spindle with a fixed tool moves along three axes (X, Y, Z), plus the table rotates around its vertical axis. The system makes it possible to move this axis at any desired angle.

The spindle rotates from 6,000 to 10,000 rpm; aluminum parts are easy to process due to such a high speed. Balancing is essential here since the processing quality depends on this and the wear of parts of the spindle itself.

Where to buy a CNC milling machine?

As well as the cnc milling machine is modern equipment for working with metal, which comes with numerical control and has a laser scanner for the most accurate operation of the device.

With the help of this unit, you can engrave cuts and recesses in metal products and blanks. 

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