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Exhibition Review| Topstar participates in InterPlas Thailand 2024

2024/07/02 By topstar

Recently, many plastics machinery enterprises from China gathered at the closing of InterPlas Thailand 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand. The participation of Topstar in this exhibition is one of the concrete embodiments of the development and implementation of the new vision [to become the world’s leading intelligent equipment service provider].

InterPlas Thailand 2024

Topstar participated in this exhibition with the TE Ⅱ electric injection molding machine and molding solutions for the medical industry. The TE Ⅱ electric injection molding machine with process integration design concept adopts a discrete intelligent drive to achieve more precise control and real-time motion response. In the actual solution demonstration,  it has significantly improved the molding efficiency with a nearly 50% increase, which is highly recognized by the customers and a series of cooperation agreements have been successfully signed on the spot.

InterPlas Thailand 2024(2)

With automotive, home appliances, 3C, and other industries continuing to expand in Thailand, to a certain extent, the development of the local plastic precision molding industry provides the impetus. Topstar for the needs of the Thai market for a series of layouts, the first task is to deepen the localization of services, set up offices in the local area, and invest resources to train local technical service personnel closer to the market and customer needs, to ensure that the service and products can be synchronized with the Thai customer’s business pulse forward. At the same time, Costa sent technical experts to Thailand to provide more professional technical support and guidance to partners for professional training to ensure that customers receive timely and effective high-quality services.

Up to now, the overseas sales Costa have spread to 50 countries and regions, and has set up a branch in Bei Ninh, Vietnam, Mexico Office, Indonesia’s first technical service center, etc., these “service points” construction as a key entry point for localized services, combined with the establishment of partnerships with the local team, with three core products and three With three core products and three core technologies, we create one-stop, comprehensive plant solutions for customers and continue to provide localized services.


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