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Star Case | Topstar helps Santong upgrade its intelligent plant

2024/06/12 By topstar

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“I want to build an intelligent, modern, and digital plant” Miss Yan, General Manager of Zhejiang Santong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. expressed her expectations of the new plant to us.

Zhejiang Santong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Yuhuan City, Taizhou, Zhejiang. It is a professional plastic packaging manufacturer. There are more than 280 employees here, including R&D, production, manufacturing, and sales departments, which ensures Santong’s strong R&D and production capacity.

Santong’s packaging materials are mainly used in FMCG, medical devices, and food packaging. The European and American markets support 70% of its business, so the market has very high requirements for product quality. Facing the challenge of high production standards, Santong expects to introduce the Topstar Intelligent Whole Plant Solution to enhance the plant manufacturing level.

Equipment Intelligence: custom injection molding machines improve production efficiency

SANTONE Intelligent Factory-01

“Injection molding of preforms is very demanding. If the injection molding is not precise, a slight force can break the neck of the bottle”. Santong’s packaging preforms are made of PET material, which is highly viscous and temperature sensitive. Inappropriate temperature will lead to poor transparency and uneven thickness of the products, thus causing waste of raw materials.

Aiming at the PET raw material’s molding characteristics, Topstar provides a PET special injection molding machine for Santong. The injection molding machine uses a special screw for preforms, a high torque motor, and an enlarged power system, which improves the overall plasticizing efficiency by more than 20%. At the same time, precise temperature control can greatly reduce air bubbles, and impurity defects, to ensure the transparency of the preforms and yield rate.

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Santong wants to improve production efficiency and save production costs through integration. Topstar’s self-developed control system supports injection molding machine linkage of manipulator and auxiliary machines. The key parameters such as pressure, temperature, speed, etc. of the auxiliary machines can be interlocked by the IMM, which can greatly improve the response rate of the production process.

The PET-customized IMM is also fitted with an infrared heating coil, which reduces energy consumption in the production process by improving the efficiency of heat conversion. Experimental data measured the effective energy-saving rate of the infrared heating coil to be about 20%.

“You didn’t cut corners with the materials used in your injection molding machine, and the machine is stronger. The machine is stable when used.” Ms Yan, General Manager of Santong Plastic Industry, commented.

Based on the software control capability, Topstar helped Santong optimize the back-end automation process. After the preforms are formed, they are transferred to the blow molding process with the assistance of a conveyor belt. After the blow molding process, the preform is finally formed into a bottle. The whole process of automation uses intelligent control, saving labor costs and improving production efficiency.

Industrial modernization: smart plant solutions optimize production processes

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“In the beginning, I wanted to build an intelligent plant. After taking some detours and visits, I finally chose you (Topstar) as a supplier after inspection.” Miss Yan said.

Intelligent whole plant planning is a systematic project. Traditional plant planning relies on empiricism. With the development of the industry, intelligent whole plant planning in the program design subcontract mode and integrated turnkey mode.

Topstar provides integrated turnkey intelligent whole plant solutions. It is built on its core technology and supported by three major equipment as products. The solution integrates diversified product business lines, highly compatible equipment, and self-developed systems. Through the collaborative operation of an intelligent energy and environment management system, central feeding system, and injection molding integrated machine for the injection molding process, it reduces the problems of delayed and poor signal from equipment and system, thus making the operation and management of the plant easier.

“Currently, we moved into a new plant and all your systems have been running for a month, and they are very stable.” Miss Yan commented.

Whole-plant digitization: The MES system makes production management easier

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“We need to introduce the MES system next to facilitate the management of the plant’s production.” Miss Yan said.

Intelligence, modernization, and digitalization are the future directions of Santong’s manufacturing. After introducing an intelligent energy management system, central feeding system, PET custom IMM, and back-end blow molding automation, Santong will introduce the MES system.

Topstar MES system can realize the signal interface interconnection of multiple equipment. It can autonomously collect physical data from injection molding machines, auxiliary machines, material supply system, and energy management system so that managers can grasp the production situation of the workshop in real time.

“We will continue to plow deeper into the plastic products industry. We also hope that you (Topstar) will help Santong to become a truly intelligent, digital, and modern plant with the advantages of intelligence.” Miss Yan expressed her expectations for the future development of Santong.

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In the future, Topstar will continue to increase investment in research and development to promote open innovation. Guided by market demand, we will provide customers with smarter products and solutions, and continue encouraging the industry’s sustainable development.

Topstar’s corporate mission is to “make industrial manufacturing better”. Topstar adheres to the vision of “to be the world’s leading smart equipment supplier” and creates an intelligent hardware platform driven by core technologies through intelligent equipment centered on industrial robots, injection molding machines, and five-axis CNC machines, as well as three core technologies of control, servo, and vision, to provide manufacturing enterprises with an overall intelligent plant solution.

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