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Topstar Special | National Science and Technology Workers Day

2024/06/08 By topstar


Today is the eighth National Science and Technology Workers’ Day. In this day of innovation and wisdom, we greet all the hard-working science and technology workers.

Topstar has a group of experts who work hard in technology. Zhang Xiaohui, Wang Zhicheng, and Tan Yongchang as the representative of science and technology workers will bring innovative ideas into tangible results, the spring breeze of intelligence to many factories, to help customers in the high-quality development of the track bravely forward.

Relentless exploration of the Topstar science and technology workers for scientific and technological progress and intelligent development of the contribution to make industrial manufacturing better.

Reinventing the brain of industrial robots with AI

Accurate and efficient industrial robots are the most common partners in modern production lines. With the efforts of Zhang Xiaohui’s R&D team, the controller technology has achieved breakthrough results and developed a universal motion control platform. Then, Topstar launched the TMCR series robot controller and TMCP series injection molding machine controller.

TMCR series robot controller has been batch applied to SCARA and six-axis robot and process packages for 3C and packaging industry. TMCP series injection molding machine controller batch application in TMII, TS, and TH series injection molding machines. The interconnection between self-developed equipment improves the self-compensation accuracy of robots.

The industrial control system puts forward new intelligent demands. Topstar cooperates with Ali Cloud to explore the application of AI model technology and industrial robots. Based on the Tongyi Thousand Questions model, fused with a large amount of scene data, they developed a robot palletizing solution that greatly improves the application efficiency of the palletizing scene. AI technology programming realizes the one-key tuning function, and the palletizing task can be easily completed in only three steps. Let the good robot into more industrial scenes, to meet the needs of more industries, and promote the deep development of industrial automation.

Creating the heart of efficient operation of industrial robots

Wang Zhicheng’s team developed a high-performance robot control cabinet that is known as the heart of industrial robots. It allows robots to run more efficiently and enables factories to realize efficient production.

The wave of the new industrial technology revolution the more flexible and precise the robot is. This also means that the design of servo systems must go to the next level. Traditionally, robot control cabinets are assembled using components, which have the problems of high cost, large size, wiring, and poor expandability.

To further help customers improve efficiency and reduce costs, Wang Zhicheng’s team took on a new subject: achieving greater power output in a smaller cabinet with modular expansion.

The R&D team deeply analyzed the customer’s needs and the characteristics of servo systems at home and abroad, focused on optimizing the architecture, bus communication, modular expansion, and air duct design, and obtained several invention patents. The R&D team worked hard to create a high-performance robot control cabinet that reduces production cost by 30%, reduces volume by 25%, and increases power by 43%, providing a new competitive advantage for robot products.

Pushing the technological limitations of industrial robots

Dr. Tan Yongchang’s dream is to bring China’s robotic products to the top level of the industry. He came to Topstar and decided to challenge himself again to realize the innovation of robot technology.

With his in-depth research and rich technical experience in the control system of Topstar robots. Dr. Tan Yongchang developed several innovative algorithms, such as S-type velocity profile, spline curve, and gate command. These algorithms significantly improve the smoothness and efficiency of robot movement, effectively reducing the jitter in the movement process. A 25% improvement in robot acceleration and deceleration and a 20% reduction in motion-in-place rectification time are realized.

Based on the research of robot dynamics algorithms, Dr. Yongchang Tan led the team to overcome the technical challenges of the six-axis robot grinding and polishing process and the SCARA robot glue application. He also promoted the development of offline programming and simulation software for robots. It improved the efficiency of in-house R&D and debugging. The shorter offline simulation and programming time enables customers to apply Topstar technology faster, improving customer experience.

In Topstar, there are a lot of science and technology workers working silently to provide demonstration samples for the intelligent transformation of manufacturing enterprises.

Behind every technological innovation is cohesive with the blood and sweat of science and technology workers. They continue to explore the vast field of intelligent manufacturing, in the surging waves of Industry 4.0 to move forward.

When the roots are deep the leaves flourish, and when the roots are solid the branches flourish. They bravely explore the unknown and climb up the technological peak. Here, we send our blessings to every Topstar science and technology worker. Your perseverance and innovation take Topstar to the next level and make industrial manufacturing better.

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