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Topstar’s innovative products won with the CAPEK!

2024/06/07 By topstar


On 31 May, the 14th China International Robotics Summit Forum and the 10th CAPEK Award Ceremony, a major event in the robotics industry, was successfully concluded in Wuhu City.

The conference set up theme forums around industrial robots, humanoid robots, and the robotics industry and education fusion development plate. Topstar’s X1 robot control system platform won the CAPEK 10th Annual Technical Innovation Product Award (parts).

With its excellent performance and innovative features, the X1 robot controller platform provides users an open and easy-to-commission manipulation system.

  • Safe and Reliable: Independent electrical safety module and advanced collision detection technology ensure the safety of man-machine cooperation and protection of peripheral equipment.
  • Precise and high-speed: multiple trajectory planning modes to achieve high-speed and high-precision operation. Special motion instructions and dynamics model adaptive trajectory planning effectively enhances process beat and optimize production efficiency.
  • Convenient programming: simplify the programming process, friendly robot program editing and debugging functions, equipped with intelligent auxiliary tools to improve programming efficiency.
  • Intelligent collaboration: compatible with various robots, with palletizing, vision, conveyor tracking, stamping, and other industry process solutions. Support mainstream communication protocols, simplify system management, and achieve efficient collaboration of multiple machines.
  • Open and compatible: offline simulation software RobotLab provides powerful programming support and flexible development interfaces, 3D visual simulation, robot parameter management, and real-time monitoring of operating data. The plug-in architecture supports customers to customize process procedures and achieve personalized automation solutions. Open integrated development interface, provide SDK open library, and support the secondary development of user software.

The system platform is applied to Topstar’s fully self-developed SCARA and six-axis robots. Based on the specific needs of the 3C and packaging industry, Topsida directed the development of process solutions. It brings customers an unprecedented automation experience and helps enterprises maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

automated injection molding machine 38

In the future, Topstar will continue to increase investment in research and development to promote open innovation. Guided by market demand, we will provide customers with smarter products and solutions, and continue encouraging the industry’s sustainable development.

Topstar’s corporate mission is to “make industrial manufacturing better”. Topstar adheres to the vision of “to be the world’s leading smart equipment supplier” and creates an intelligent hardware platform driven by core technologies through intelligent equipment centered on industrial robots, injection molding machines, and five-axis CNC machines, as well as three core technologies of control, servo, and vision, to provide manufacturing enterprises with an overall intelligent factory solution.

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