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How long is the service life of injection molding machines?

2024/06/11 By 兰兹

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How long is the service life of injection molding machines?

Most plastic manufacturers pay attention to the service life of injection molding machines during the procurement stage. The length of life is often also a reflection of the quality of the machine. In this guide, we will tell you how long the service life of the Topstar injection molding machine series is, as well as the factors that affect their service life and strategies to extend their service life.

Typical service life of injection molding machines

The Topstar injection molding machine series typically has a service life of 10 to 20 years. This is the feedback most of our users give, and the actual service life may differ. High-grade precision steel materials and advanced servo and hydraulic technologies are used throughout the series. The use of hardened steel parts and precision machining enhances these machines’ structural integrity and operational flexibility. In terms of design, the whole machine moves smoothly and is not prone to vibration, improving energy efficiency, greatly extending the life of mechanical parts and molds, and reducing parts wear and tear failure.

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Factors affecting the service life of injection molding machines

The service life of injection molding machines varies depending on different factors. First, the quality of the machine itself. For some high-end machines, high-quality steel materials and advanced technology are usually used, which help extend the service life, the operating environment, and daily maintenance. Regular and proactive maintenance can extend the service life of injection molding machines. Usually, maintenance work such as lubrication, cleaning, inspection, and replacement of worn parts are added to daily maintenance to prevent failures.

Another critical factor is the intensity of use. Compared with machines with lower frequency of use, machines that run continuously at high speed and high load will naturally experience more wear, thereby shortening their service life. In addition, the type of processing material will also affect the service life. For example, some plastics contain abrasives like glass fiber, which will accelerate the wear of machine parts.

Technological advances extend service life

In Topstar’s injection molding machine series, self-developed servo and control systems are used to accurately control the injection process and optimize parameters such as temperature, pressure, and injection speed. Enhanced control capabilities enable consistent production quality while reducing the possibility of mechanical failure caused by process variations. In addition, the materials used in machine components also improve durability and performance. For example, the use of advanced alloys and coatings in screws and barrels also significantly improves wear and corrosion resistance. In addition, integrating injection molding robots enhances efficiency and reduces machine wear. Consistently handle repetitive tasks such as loading materials and removing finished parts. Reduced manual handling of components reduces the risk of damage and wear.

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Upgrading components to extend service life

Mechanical components such as screws, barrels, and molds will experience severe wear over time. Upgrading to bimetallic barrels and wear-resistant screws can greatly improve their durability, and precision PVD alloy three-pieces are also more suitable for a wide range of plasticizing requirements. These components can withstand higher pressures and temperatures, thereby reducing wear rates. Replacing standard molds with molds made of more rigid materials or molds that have undergone surface treatment can also extend their service life. Upgrading auxiliary equipment such as cooling systems, mold control systems, and injection molding robots also helps extend the service life of injection molding machines. Improved cooling systems ensure consistent mold temperatures, reducing the thermal stress on molds and machine components, etc.

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Perform regular maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on injection molding machines can also extend their life. Regular inspection, lubrication of moving parts, calibration, and replacement of worn parts can prevent minor problems from becoming big problems. Maintenance should focus not only on mechanical components but also on hydraulic and electrical systems. Ensuring the hydraulic oil is clean and at the correct level can prevent damage to pumps and valves. Regularly inspecting and cleaning cooling channels, checking coolant levels, and ensuring that pumps and fans are operating correctly can avoid failures that can cause costly downtime or machine damage.

Let your injection molding machine have a longer life

The service life of an injection molding machine is generally around 10-20 years. The machine’s service life can be significantly extended through maintenance practices, controlling operating intensity and upgrading technology. Implementing proactive maintenance strategies and upgrading components are vital to achieving this goal.

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