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How to evaluate the performance of a Plastic chair making machine?

2024/07/03 By 兰兹

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Plastic chair making machine can produce high-quality plastic chairs efficiently and economically on a large scale. There are many different models of plastic chair-making machines for plastic chair manufacturers, and we can evaluate their performance through stability, precision, energy efficiency, and other aspects. This guide will tell you the fundamental aspects of the performance of plastic chair making machines at Topstar.

Adopting Diagonal double injection mold shift oil cylinders and linear guides

In terms of injection stability of plastic chair making machines, we use diagonal double injection mold shift oil cylinders and linear guides. The diagonal direction of the diagonal double shot cylinders makes the injection force more evenly distributed in the mold. This makes the performance of the injection process more stable, reduces the risk of defects, and ensures consistent quality of plastic chair production. At the same time, the double shot mechanism can accurately control the injection volume and pressure. It can produce chairs with uniform wall thickness and consistent structural integrity, meeting the high standards required by the industry. In addition, it helps to shorten the cycle time. The use of linear guides further improves the stability and precision of the injection process.

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Central direct press clamping structure for plastic chair making machine

In terms of high product molding accuracy, we use a central direct press clamping structure, which applies uniform clamping force across the entire mold through a central direct press clamping structure. This uniform force distribution ensures that the mold halves are perfectly aligned during injection. This distributes the clamping force in the center of the mold plate, minimizes the deformation of the machine plate, prevents the mold from being affected by the machine plate’s deformation, and ensures high product molding accuracy. Minimizing die deflection and deformation and applying constant clamping pressure also helps eliminate common defects such as burrs, dents, etc. The efficiency of the clamping mechanism helps reduce cycle times by ensuring fast and stable clamping and unclamping actions.

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Using CNC proportional back pressure

CNC proportional back pressure control in the plastic chair making machine allows precise adjustment of the melt-back pressure during the injection molding process. This precision ensures the melt is always uniform, reducing the risk of air entrapment and material inconsistency. Maintaining a consistent back pressure, CNC control ensures that the plastic melt is well-mixed and uniform. This uniformity is essential for producing plastic chairs with uniform strength, color, and surface finish. Precise back pressure control minimizes defects such as voids, sink marks, and warping. The result is a higher quality product with excellent appearance and structural performance.

Equipped with professional plasticizing components

Topstar’s plastic chair making machines have state-of-the-art plasticizing units to ensure optimal processing of different materials. The plasticizing unit uses high-performance chrome-plated screws to process a variety of materials, from standard thermoplastics to engineering resins. Designers have designed these screws to ensure efficient melting and homogenization of plastic materials to meet the unique requirements of various polymers. They have also designed the metering section of the screw to accurately control the material flow and ensure that the correct amount of material is delivered to the mold. In addition, the plasticizing unit also uses a high-color mixing/high-mixing screw to enhance the mixing of colorants and base materials to meet high-color mixing products. These components ensure uniform color distribution, eliminating streaks and color changes.

Plastic Chair Making Machine with More User Experience Focus

Our designers prioritized operator comfort and accessibility in the industrial design of our plastic chair making machines. Designers carefully arrange the control panel and maintenance points to minimize operator strain and improve ease of use, creating a more ergonomic layout. A better user experience requires an intuitive user interface. It allows operators to navigate settings easily, quickly access them, monitor parameters, and troubleshoot. Real-time data visualization helps operators make informed decisions and maintain optimal production conditions.

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Give you a better experience

The performance of plastic chair making machines involves a comprehensive evaluation of various factors, including stability, product molding accuracy, precision, user experience, etc. Through these comprehensive performances, the plastic chairs they produce can have a smoother surface and more uniform quality.

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