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Conditions for a high-quality injection molding machine

2024/04/19 By 兰兹

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A high-quality injection molding machine can directly affect the finished product after injection molding. Whether it is automobile parts or consumer electronics, it can ensure that plastic parts are not easily deformed and have a high smoothness. So, in this guide, we will introduce to you what conditions a high-quality injection molding machine has and what factors can affect the final product of the part so that you can know directly and clearly during the purchasing process.

High-quality injection molding machine adopts super template design

The core of a high-quality injection molding machine is its super template design, including the mold mounting system, clamping mechanism, and overall structural integrity. It makes the force more balanced and suitable for most products. The upgraded mold clamping structure has a one-click mold adjustment function, which can greatly shorten the mold adjustment time and improve efficiency. At the same time, we have adopted a new machine hinge design concept, combined with motion simulation and simulation, to avoid friction and collision between parts greatly during the R&D and design process. At the same time, it can keep the whole machine moving smoothly and not easily vibrating, improving energy efficiency greatly extending the life of mechanical parts and molds, and reducing downtime failures caused by parts wear.

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Injection structure of high-quality injection molding machine

An injection structure commonly used in high-quality injection molding machines is a double-jet shift coupled with a linear guide rail, which gives the injection platform low movement resistance, sensitive action, and accurate and stable injection. It also adopts an electroplated screw, which enables temperature control at the discharge port, making production more efficient and applicable to a wider range of rubber materials. Compared with other injection molding machines, it has low resistance, high precision, not easy to deform, and more energy-saving effects, increasing the injection speed by 20% and the screw speed by 10%.

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Electronic control system

The core of the high-quality injection molding machine electronic control system is the KEBA controller, which is the operation controller of the entire injection molding machine and is equivalent to the brain of the equipment. It can monitor, analyze, and adjust machine parameters in real-time through powerful processors and advanced software algorithms. Another key function is its ability to regulate the machine’s hydraulic system, which controls the movement of the injection unit, mold clamping system, and other machine components. It precisely adjusts pressure, flow, and time to ensure smooth, accurate operation throughout the molding cycle.

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Hydraulic system

The core of the hydraulic system of a high-quality injection molding machine is a hydraulic pump, which is interconnected through various holes. Oil valves control the opening and closing of the internal channels, thereby realizing the actions of different hydraulic drive components. Its servo motor and oil pump are the power source for all actions, capable of providing the hydraulic pressure required to power the machine’s hydraulic actuators and cylinders and then delivering it to the machine’s hydraulic circuit to achieve precise control of hydraulic flow and pressure to optimize energy efficiency. and performance. At the same time, their motors all use PHASE motors imported from Italy, which have better stability under long-term use.

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Integration with auxiliary devices

High-quality injection molding machines have an automatic compensation function in the mold opening position of the injection molding manipulator. Their entire injection molding machine control system communicates with the manipulator through the bus, sending the deviation position to the manipulator, and the manipulator performs position tracking. The robot can “actively” compensate for deviations, which can meet the faster mold opening and closing cycle and allow the robot to grasp products accurately. Through bus communication, we can integrate the data interaction of multiple auxiliary machines (injection molding manipulator, mold temperature controller, dryer, dehumidifier), making your operation convenient, efficient, and more humane.

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Achieve more precise and efficient injection molding

High-quality injection molding machines allow you to ensure optimal performance, productivity, and increased profitability in your production process. Whether you are producing complex consumer products or critical industrial components, a high-quality injection molding machine is the foundation for your success in manufacturing.

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