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What is desktop injection molding machine? Best Guide 2022

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What is the desktop injection molding machine?

desktop injection molding machine

Desktop injection molding machine is a mechanical process common in various production cycles for the permanent molding of various materials, including plastics. Find out on this page what injection molding is, in which fields it is common, the plastic components and objects that are manufactured, the mold production, and precision molding of plastic materials.

What is Molding?

The term “molding” includes the most disparate industrial production processes, the lowest common denominator of which is the use of molds, which are permanent forms necessary to model the product or components to be produced.

More specifically, it is a mechanical process for plastic deformation, hot or cold, which causes the material to fill the cavity between two metal matrices, the mold, and the counter-mold.


One type of molding is that of a desktop injection molding machine. The current technological development requires production techniques with an ever-higher degree of precision, through which it is possible to manufacture finished products, components, and micro-components with complex geometry for cars, computers, and other applications.

These are components whose dimensions are just a few millimeters and with weights of 0.2 g, which require injection volumes of less than one granule and geometries of less than one millimeter (micro- molding).


Plastic injection molding consists of five main phases, which we can summarize as follows:

  • the pellets are in preparation for injection 
  • the material is compulsory through the nozzle of the injection unit and then ends up in the sprue and finally into the cavity of the mold evenly 
  • once the plastic material is cool and hardened, the mold is open and the molded part homeless 
  • Finally, the molded piece is complete by cutting the sprue and sprue

A few tricks for a perfect molding process

Although the molding, even of precision, is performed by special machines, there are some factors to take into consideration to obtain a more than perfect result:

  • first, the molten plastic material distributes uniformly in the mold 
  • moreover, the resinous material must be chosen according to the product to be manufactured, taking into account its chemical-physical and aesthetic characteristics 
  • finally – but not least -, the mold must be designed and produced with the utmost precision in order not to allow for errors or smudges that waste time and costs

Types of molding machines

  • Motorized,
  • hydraulic,
  • servo-driven,
  • hybrid,
  • CNC machines:

Many types of machines and presses can be good for molding.

desktop injection molding machine 2022

In general, however, we can say that a molding machine is made up of two main parts: a desktop injection molding machine unit that sends the molten material inside the mold and a closing unit that, on the other hand, manages the mold.

The materials common in the desktop injection molding machine

The Thermopolymer are the plastics which is common mainly in injection molding because they possess various competitive advantages:

  • they are easily workable 
  • they have excellent dimensional stability 
  • withstand dynamic loads and aging 
  • they maintain good mechanical properties even above 100 ° C

The most common techno polymers in desktop injection molding machines, including precision ones, are

  1. PMMA,
  2. PEI,
  3. Also, PPS,
  4. Moreover, PC,
  5. Furthermore, PBT,
  6. PPO,
  7. In addition, POM,
  8. Also, ABS,
  9. PC / ABS,
  10. PPA,
  11. PA6-PA66,
  12. PP,

structure or resistance to temperature, they can be classified into:

  • amorphous or semi-crystalline, i.e. transparent or opaque 
  • standard – common at temperatures below 100 ° C – or technopolymers – usable at temperatures between 100 ° C and 150 ° C


Precision, production speed, and relatively low costs are undoubtedly the reasons why, to date, plastic molding is increasingly applied in the most diverse sectors to produce:

  • automotive components and accessories 
  • Consumer electronics 
  • medical and orthodontic supplies 
  • everyday products 
  • components for gates and industrial automation

Rapid development in the desktop injection molding machine

The rather rapid development and the ever-higher precision of the technique have meant that an increasing number of companies resort to desktop injection molding machines of plastic to produce components – especially electronic ones – with very small dimensions and complex geometry, difficult to reproduce with other techniques.

desktop injection molding machine Sectors of application

The versatility of plastic polymers and their physical, chemical, and mechanical characteristics allow them to be common in numerous sectors, so much so that they can also be common to manufacture objects or components that we use daily.

In, the sectors that, more than others, use molding or precision molding are:

  • building and housing 
  • Also, electrical, electromechanical, and electronic 
  • Moreover, household appliance heating 
  • Furthermore, food and personal care 
  • In addition, industrial automation 
  • medical

What are the benefits of a desktop injection molding machine?

Plastic injection molding is a highly versatile technique that allows meeting almost any need of companies that manufacture plastic products and components both in large volumes and in a few dozen pieces.

Here, in brief, are the advantages of the desktop injection molding machine of plastics:

  • high productivity and speed – this technique allows obtaining large quantities of plastic parts in a short time, guaranteeing dimensional repeatability 
  • possibility of obtaining shapes in disarray and complex geometries, impossible to obtain otherwise 
  • a very high degree of precision, to obtain which we also resort to the technique of microinjection molding 
  • reduction of production costs through the automation of the entire injection molding process

desktop injection molding machine support system

In the injection molding support system, 4 subsystems perform their functions.

• Body: link the systems of the machine together

• Power system: is the place to provide power for the motor to operate. The design of the machine’s electrical system focuses on operator safety. The electrical system consists of an electrical cabinet and a wiring system.

desktop injection molding machine Hydraulic system:

including pump, valve, pipe system, motor. Is the place to generate resources such as creating force to open and close the mold, maintain clamping force, make the screw rotate, and generate force. for the pushpin and the slide of the surface core.

• Cooling system: provide water or Ethylene glycol solution… to cool the mold, harden the plastic into shape before pushing it out of the mold.


We offer its customers a variety of services ranging from mold design to molding of plastic components. Depending on some characteristics such as, for example, the type of product is made, the material of the mold, and the compulsory geometry.

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