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Exhibition Review | GMU series CNC helping precision manufacturing

2024/03/27 By topstar

CCMT Shanghai-09

In March, AFMING, a subsidiary of Topstar, brought its high-end 5-axis GMU series CNC to the exhibitions in Taizhou, Zhengzhou and Suzhou respectively. It demonstrated the technical achievements of precision manufacturing and promoted the market popularity of high-end 5-axis CNC machines.

Based on customer application scenarios

Deep precipitation of core technology

The GMU400, GMU600, GMU750 and GMU800 5-axis machining centers were exhibited in these exhibitions. AFMING offers customized solutions for customer needs in different regions. The realization of these solutions depends on the core R&D technologies: GTRT gear-driven rotary table technology and SUPER POWER direct-connected spindles/electrical spindles.

GTRT gear-driven rotary table technology: It provides more torque output than conventional rotary table drives, and higher rigidity, stability and rotary accuracy. It meets the machining needs of difficult cutting materials and high-profile precision molds.

SUPER POWER direct drive spindles/electrical spindles: It realizes the ultimate performance of rigidity, stability and running accuracy.

Relying on powerful core technologies, the GMU series can meet the complex machining needs of various industries. AFMING has abundant customer cases in civil aviation, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, and precision mold machining. It not only provides targeted demand solutions but also assists enterprises in realizing intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

Multi-series 5-axis CNC machines

Precise fulfillment of regional needs

Relying on Topstar’s consistent regional market segmentation strategy, AFMING displayed different models of 5-axis CNC machines at exhibitions in Taizhou, Zhengzhou and Suzhou.

The mainstream demand in Taizhou is for auto parts and the general mold industry, AFMING focused on recommending GMU750 and GMU400 series CNC machines.

Exhibition Review 01

For the automotive industry and mold market demand in Zhengzhou, AFMING presented GMU400 and GMU800 series CNC machines. The technical team also discussed with local customers the new opportunities for the automotive industry development.

Exhibition Review 02

With a deep understanding of the industry attributes and customer needs in Suzhou, AFMING displayed GMU600 and GMU800 series CNC machines. Among them, the GMU800 series CNC machine became the exhibition focus. With its leading technology level and rich functional specifications, it has gained stable and efficient application performance in various industries. Especially in the automotive and civil aviation fields, it has won high recognition from customers.

Exhibition Review 03

We communicate closely with our customers through offline exhibitions to gain a deeper understanding of their actual needs. Provide customers with personalized customized solutions to achieve precise docking of regional demand. Meet the actual needs of customers and help the popularization of the high-end five-axis process.

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