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Plastic injection molding machine with stable performance

2024/04/26 By 兰兹

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In the rapidly developing plastics manufacturing industry, plastic injection molding machines are key equipment for producing complex, high-quality plastic parts. Therefore, their stability is very important. However, problems that affect efficiency and instability often occur in traditional plastic injection molding machines. Then, this article will share with you the conditions for a stable plastic injection molding machine and the limitations of tradition.

Instability problems of traditional plastic injection molding machine

The instability of the injection molding machine is mainly caused by fluctuations in temperature, pressure, and other process parameters. Temperature control is critical during the injection molding process, affecting the polymer’s flow and the final product’s quality. If the heating element is old or faulty and the heat regulation system is insufficient, the problem of inaccurate temperature control can arise. Leakage or wear of seals and pumps causes hydraulic instability in injection molding, which can lead to problems such as short shots or flooding. In addition, inconsistent screw movement may also lead to pressure instability. Over time, components such as toggle joints, tie rods, and mold clamps in traditional injection molding machines may wear out, leading to instability during molding, such as misalignment and uneven clamping force.

Technical progress of plastic injection molding machine

Driven by Industry 4.0, the overall plastic injection molding machine has been improved. The hydraulic plastic injection molding machine adopts a five-point hinge structure, which makes the performance more stable and reliable, and the overall cost performance is higher. In addition, we integrate the belt-driven servo motor into the electric injection molding machine. Using the motor to control movement with high precision reduces energy consumption by up to 70%, which can shorten cycle times and improve product quality. In addition, they can also realize signal interconnection with surrounding injection molding auxiliary equipment through bus communication. It makes your operation more concise and efficient, and the cooperation between equipment is more stable.

The use of a super template design is more stable

One way to enhance the stability of plastic injection molding machines is to integrate “super template” designs into their mechanisms. Super platen design refers to a highly strong and rigid platen design that minimizes deflection during injection and clamping cycles. The materials used in super formwork designs, typically high-grade alloy steels with high tensile strength and durability, ensure the platen can withstand the pressures and stresses of injection molding without compromising its structural integrity. In addition, it can evenly distribute the clamping force on the mold surface and also has the function of automatically and accurately adjusting the mold with one click.

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Intelligent electric mold opening and closing

An intelligent electric mold opening and closing system is integrated into the electric plastic injection molding machine. The core servo-electric drive can accurately control the mold opening and closing mechanism. Ensures stable clamping force throughout the injection cycle, helping reduce problems such as flash, uneven part walls, or warpage.

Electric injection molding machines offer excellent repeatability thanks to their precise control systems. The servo-electric drive has precise positioning accuracy, which can be controlled within 0.01 mm, ensuring the mold opens and closes to the same position every cycle. The intelligent electric mold opening and closing system sensor can detect any abnormal resistance during the mold closing stage, such as incorrect gripping position. Once detected, the system can stop the mold closing process, preventing damage to the mold or machine.

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Adopt an integrated high-rigidity shooting base structure

Another key feature of the stability of modern plastic injection molding machines is the integration of a highly rigid injection base structure. This rigidity directly affects the accuracy of the injection process and the quality of the molded part, and also ensures that the base can withstand the stress of repeated injection cycles without deforming.

This integrated structure distributes pressure evenly throughout the structure, eliminating single weak joints or bending points. In addition, the highly rigid injection base prevents vibration and torsional movement during the injection process. If these movements are present in injection molding, they can also lead to inconsistent injection weights, pressure, and problems with part size and surface finish.

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Importance of stability

Plastic injection molding machines can maintain stable output, and infrequent failures can greatly improve the efficiency of the entire production line and ensure that the final plastic products are consistently of high quality. This stability is necessary for manufacturers.

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