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Star Rights – Topstar after-sales service upgrade is underway

2023/03/22 By topstar


After-sales speed of production equipment has an important impact on the normal production of enterprises. In order to provide customers with reliable after-sales protection, Topstar has established a “fast response, fast arrival, fast processing, fast acceptance” of the “four fast” standardized service process, providing after-sales service for more than 2000 customers each year.

“Customer satisfaction” is the relentless pursuit of Topstar after-sales service. Recently, Topstar investigated the actual after-sales needs of customers, and upgraded on the basis of standardized services. Topstar launched a “star” customer service rights and interests policy to further enhance the effectiveness of the service. Look at the “star” customer’s six value-added service rights.

Rights 1: Free inspection and maintenance

Equipment inspection is the equipment operation status overhaul, which aims at immediate, accurate and comprehensive understanding of the equipment status. Through inspection and issuance of reports, it is conducive to customers to grasp the various states of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Rights 2: Exclusive customer service and after-sales engineers

Topstar assigns designated exclusive customer service and after-sales engineers for star customers, encounter problems can quickly seek help.

Rights 3: Technical training and exchange

After-sales service center will be based on the technical characteristics of the process of various industries and regional markets, to provide customers with practical technical training, and regularly organize technical exchange activities.

Rights 4: Regular visits

Topstar regularly visit star customers, face-to-face communication of customer needs. At present, the after-sales team has visited seven five-star customers. Topstar and customers in the “automation solutions, delivery cycle, response services” and other matters for in-depth communication, and jointly explore more options for cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Rights 5: Special services

After-sales team can provide technical personnel in the factory services according to the actual needs of customer production.

Rights 6: Order preference

Five-star customers can enjoy monthly preferential discounts on after-sales parts orders (2 times) and emergency special shipments (3 times) of services.

Topstar will continue to innovate after-sales service, to create “standardized service processes, equipment maintenance, exclusive services, thematic activities” and other multi-faceted service rights system, to provide more customized, temperature services for the majority of customers.

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