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Celebrate New Year’s Day, Thankful for Companionship | Topstar’s 2023 “Keywords”

2023/12/29 By topstar


The year 2023 is an ordinary but far-reaching year.

Topstar focuses on the three major products of injection molding machines, industrial robots and CNC machines, and utilizes intelligent whole plants and automation solutions to meet customer needs. At the same time, we continue to promote process, lean and functional standardization to improve organizational effectiveness.

On the occasion of New Year’s Day in 2024, we use three “keywords” to commemorate the year of hand in hand with all partners and open the new year’s beautiful journey.


Keywords: Intelligent equipment platform

High-end five-axis manufacturing localization
Focus on Robot+
Strengthen the application breadth and technology depth
Follow the new developments in science and technology

The injection molding machine division puts forward the concept of “injection molding integrated machine” to make injection molding simpler.

According to the high-end product needs of new industries, we have created the extremely sensitive TEII electric injection molding machine, PET, light guide and other industry-specific machines to meet the production needs of high-clean, high-precision enterprise customers.

Topstar holding subsidiary held the first “Double 11 five-axis machine tool festival”, and launched DMU400, GMU400, VMU6800 five-axis linked machining centers. Help customers realize high-quality, efficient, safe, reliable and low-consumption CNC machining. Continuously deepen the domestic five-axis technology and strive to realize the popularization of the domestic five-axis.

Develop TRH10&TRH15 series 4-axis robots for the new energy industry. These robots have the comprehensive strength of high load, high precision and high speed, which can cover the mainstream demand for SCARA robots in the new energy industry. The robot won the “Industrial Design Product of the Year Award”.

Participated in the photovoltaic industry and provided intelligent factory EPC solutions for Huasheng, Jingao, Tongwei and other customers. 

Keywords: Three main products development

Injection molding machines, CNC machines, industrial robots
Exploit the market of each field, solutions traveling exhibition
Deliver “value” to the doorsteps of customers in various industries

On March 28th, TH and TMII series injection molding machines participated in Yuyao Plastic Expo.

March 29th-April 1st, GMU800 and other five-axis linkage machining centers exhibited at ITES Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition.

April 1st-3rd, TH, TMII, TEII series injection molding machines participated in the 22nd China Shantou (Chenghai) International Toys & Gifts Fair & the 5th Chenghai Toy Machinery Exhibition.

April 10th-15th, GMU800 and other five-axis linkage CNC machine tools to participate in the 18th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT), the domestic five-axis won the attention at home and abroad.

April 17th-20th, TS, TEII, TH and other injection molding automatic chemical stations to participate in the China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition.

May 25th-28th, five-axis linkage machining center GMU800, VMU6800 and AC double pendulum milling head to participate in 2023 Ningbo Machine Tool & Mould Exhibition.

May 26th-28th, TH, TMII, TEII and other injection molding automatic chemical stations at the 2023 6th China-Tianjin Plastics Industry Expo.

May 26th-29th, GMU800 and other five-axis linkage machining centers at the 23rd Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition.

July 18th-21st, TMII, TS series and PET special machine, three hosts to participate in the 20th Asia-Pacific International Rubber & Plastics Exhibition.

On October 26th, GMU800 and HMU140P five-axis machining centers participated in CAEE2023 China Aviation Manufacturing Equipment Expo. 

Keywords: Globalization business

Following in the footsteps of head clients
Responding to customers’ development needs
Deploying localized and proximate services
Helping clients capture the first opportunity

In February, TEII all-electric series injection molding machine made its first overseas appearance and went to India to exhibit at PlastIndia 2023.

On February 18th, Topstar Vietnam Branch was formally established.

In June, with the injection molding automation unit to Thailand to participate in InterMold Thailand 2023.

In August, the first Sino-foreign joint technical service center in Indonesia opened.

In September, Topstar and local partners to participate in Iranplast 2023, display TEII all-electric series of injection molding process machines and their solutions.

In October, Topstar introduced the whole plant intelligent upgrade services and the process of one machine injection molding concept into the Vietnamese market.

In November, the local agent brought the TH series injection molding machine and the corresponding solutions to Turkey to participate in Plasteurasia 2023.

In December, Topstar went to Plastivision India 2023 with TM II and TS injection molding machines and automation solutions for daily necessities.

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