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Comparison of servo driven robot and hydraulic robots

2023/12/18 By 兰兹

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We often face choices when performing injection molding. We will choose the type of injection molding machine, the type of injection molding robot, etc. Among injection molding robots, the choice between servo driven robot and hydraulic robots will impact efficiency, accuracy, and overall production quality. Therefore, this article will conduct a comprehensive comparative analysis of servo-driven robots and hydraulic robots in injection molding.

Precision advantages of servo driven robots

The advanced control system in servo-driven robots enables high-precision and repeatable motion, a key factor for complex part disassembly, precise placement, and delicate handling. Precision is achieved through a closed-loop control system, where a feedback mechanism continuously monitors and adjusts the robot’s position and speed. This real-time feedback ensures precise movements, making servo-driven robots ideal for tasks that require precise positionings, such as assembly, welding, and complex operations. Additionally, their responsiveness is outstanding, as they can quickly and precisely adapt to changes in the environment or mission requirements. This agility is crucial in dynamic manufacturing processes, allowing rapid adjustments and maintaining high precision even in complex operations.

Energy efficiency advantages of servo driven robot

The energy efficiency advantage of servo-driven robots is that, unlike traditional systems, servo motors run on demand and only consume power when necessary. This on-demand operation significantly reduces energy waste, especially during idle periods or under low-load conditions, helping to improve overall efficiency. In addition, the servo system also features regenerative braking. When the robot slows down or changes direction, the motor acts as a generator, converting kinetic energy into electrical power. This regeneration process not only minimizes energy consumption. They also further improve energy efficiency through the ability to optimize acceleration and deceleration curves.

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The flexibility of servo driven robot

Servo-driven robots are capable of handling a variety of mold sizes and configurations. These robots can be easily adapted to different injection molding machines, making them suitable for different production environments with other requirements. Precisely controlling the speed and position of servo motors is beneficial in injection molding applications. This precision ensures the accurate placement of molded parts, reducing waste and improving the overall quality of the components produced. Robots can extract molded products quickly and accurately, helping to increase production efficiency and shorten cycle times. They excel in complex and customized motion tasks, such as insert molding or multi-material processes. Programmable features quickly adapt to changing production needs, allowing seamless integration into evolving manufacturing processes.

Advantages of hydraulic robots

A significant advantage of hydraulic robots is that they can be adapted to work with heavy loads or tasks that require a lot of strength. The simplicity of the hydraulic system coupled with fewer mechanical parts creates Robust robotic solutions. This reliability is critical in industries where continuous and demanding operations are every day, ensuring that downtime is minimized and system life is extended.

Hydraulic robots in injection molding operations

Hydraulic robots can effectively handle high clamping forces. They can hold the mold with great power, ensuring precise and stable mold closing during injection. This feature is critical to achieving consistent product quality and minimizing defects in plastic parts. Its rugged design can handle heavy molds and complex tooling configurations. This advantage is particularly beneficial in mass production scenarios where injection molding machines require high clamping force. They can also perform tasks such as gate picking, part demoulding, and placement with a high level of control, improving the overall quality of molded parts.

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Choose the most suitable robot

Our simple comparative analysis lets you choose based on your production situation. If conditions permit, you can simultaneously use these two injection molding robots in your injection molding tasks. Our official website has their detailed parameters, you can go there to learn more.

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