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Detailed information about honeycomb rotor dehumidifier-Solve your problem

2022/09/16 By 兰兹

Honeycomb rotor dehumidifier 

When drying polymers, a honeycomb rotor dehumidifier is typically utilized. They have a lengthy history of application in this sector of the economy. Honeycomb rotor dehumidifiers are the topic of our conversation today, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Keep reading the post if you want any more information on the topic.

What are honeycomb rotor dehumidifiers? 

Evaporation is the process that honeycomb rotor dehumidifiers employ to remove moisture from the air. They are similar to humidifiers in that they function by the same concept. However, they do not produce steam from water. Wheel dehumidifiers are another name for these devices. Honeycomb dehumidifiers are utilized mainly to dry hygroscopic engineering polymers.

The honeycomb dehumidifier helps with the regulation of humidity. It has a large absorption capacity, is efficient with energy, and has a quick-absorbing speed. Its primary application is in dehumidifying very hygroscopic engineering plastics, which requires high efficiency. To provide efficient drying, a honeycomb rotor is utilized. Under optimal conditions, this rotor can produce dehumidified dry air with a dew point lower than -40 degrees Celsius.

How does a honeycomb rotor dehumidifier work?

The blower draws the moist air into the machine and passes through the heat exchanger. At this point, the air’s water molecules condense into water droplets, and the machine’s cleaned dry air is expelled. Such circulation maintains an optimal interior humidity level. 

The basic structure of the dehumidification machine is a honeycomb drier wheel that rotates continually. The runner is the most critical component of the dehumidifier’s moisture absorption. Its medium consists of limited ceramics and has been exposed to a high-temperature treatment. A carrier comprised of such materials can significantly reduce moisture absorption. It also has high tensile strength and is better suited for complex working settings. The cellular structure design substantially increases the surface area where the wet air and the moisture absorbent interact, enhancing the dehumidifier’s performance.

Honeycomb rotor dehumidifier 3

Role of the rotor in dehumidification:

The rotors are an integral component of honeycomb rotor dehumidification systems, which maintain the desired humidity level in industrial and commercial settings. When air is forced through the rotor frame, the impregnated media within the frame can effectively remove moisture. The process leads to an overall dryer environment. The rotor is an essential component in the method through which the humidity is removed from the air. Your capacity to remove moisture will increase in proportion to the size of the rotor.

Why do you need a honeycomb rotor dehumidifier?

As a result of the increasing expansion of the worldwide plastics sector, there is now a greater demand for industrial honeycomb dehumidifiers that have been carefully built. Honeycomb dehumidifiers are too essential to disregard their significance. The following are some reasons you need a dehumidifier with a honeycomb rotor.

  • The dehumidifier improves the efficiency of the plastics sector, so it is crucial to understand its function.
  • This dehumidifier lessens the air’s pollution, which in turn helps reduce the impact of the greenhouse effect and speeds up the drying process.
  • Additionally, it improves the quality of the product while it is still covered under guarantee.
  • The honeycomb dehumidifier is movable, and it features wheels that are fastened to the base. As a result, you can transfer the dehumidifier to any location that suits your needs.
  • To relocate this apparatus does not call for the use of any labor. Therefore, a relatively small amount of work is required for this. In addition to that, this will be inexpensive.

Speeding up of the process: 

If the regeneration process is unsuccessful, you must either remove or replace the material from the honeycomb dehumidifier. The honeycomb rotor is divided into two sections for its operation. The standard process is carried out during the first half, while the regeneration process is carried out during the second half. Because of this, removing the desiccant material from the honeycomb dehumidifier will not be an option for you. This will also increase efficiency on your part because you will be able to reuse the same desiccant for the regeneration process. The regeneration process can rapidly remove moisture from the material, which speeds up the drying process.


  • The P.I.D. temperature control technology, which allows for precise temperature regulation during the regeneration process, is used in this series.
  • To prevent the honeycomb wheel from becoming contaminated with raw material dust, there is a filter for the air that is returned to the inside.
  • Large-scale dryers are an ideal application for the honeycomb wheel type of dehumidification technique.
  • It is appropriate for engineering plastics with high hygroscopicity, such as P.E.T., PA, P.C., A.B.S., PBT, and other similar materials.
  • Honeycomb rotors have a service life of at least six years and can be washed clean with water.
Honeycomb rotor dehumidifier 4

Where can you buy honeycomb rotor dehumidifiers?

Topstar is your most reliable resource for purchasing honeycomb rotor dehumidifiers of the highest possible quality. The exceptional quality of our items is our number one concern. A one-year guarantee is included with each of our machines. We make our customer care representatives readily available at all times, and they will respond to any comments provided within twenty-four hours. We can deliver the packages within the allotted period, and we have a large inventory of products available. Our clients are significant to us, so we create our products to meet their needs. They are, therefore, of very high quality.

If you cannot use the honeycomb rotor dehumidifier
Suppose you do not have access to a honeycomb rotor dehumidifier. In that case, you run the risk of your production taking significantly longer than it should and experiencing costly pauses in manufacturing as a direct result of an inability to control the humidity effectively. Invest in a honeycomb rotor dehumidifier from TopStar if you never want to be in this circumstance.

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