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Fully automatic injection molding machine: TS, TS/G series

2024/02/05 By 兰兹

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Topstar’s fully automatic injection molding machine, including the TS and TS/G series, can mold plastic products with complex shapes, precise dimensions, or dense textures with metal inserts. Suitable for plastic products used in electronics, 3C home appliances, and auto parts industries. To let you know more about it, in this article, we will introduce its characteristics to you.

Product accessories for fully automatic injection molding machines

The core of the core product accessories of the fully automatic injection molding machine lies in its advanced oil circuit design, matched with our independently developed professional controller, enabling stable machine movement, high product yield, and fast response. At the same time, it also adopts oblique double injection cylinders and linear guide rails to make the glue injection more accurate and stable. We have also optimized and upgraded its template to make the structure more reliable, effectively protect the equipment, and extend the service life of the mold. We use standard screws and high-mixing/high-mixing screws to meet the needs of customizing plasticizing components for different products.

Product features of fully automatic injection molding machines

Its features include using a new inclined machine layout to achieve ultra-long stroke mold opening, and its mold opening position accuracy is <1mm, making the template movement fast and stable. It also has a unique double sliding foot design, making it easier to adjust the parallelism of the template. At the same time, equipping it with double shot shifting and linear guide rails enables the shooting platform to have low movement resistance, sensitive movement, and accurate and stable glue injection. On the injection drive shaft, we use a three-bearing design to ensure coaxiality and minimize screw and barrel damage.

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Application areas of fully automatic injection molding machines

The fully automatic injection molding machines of the TS and TS/G series are used in a wide range of applications, especially in the consumer goods sector, where they are used to manufacture a wide range of plastic products. This includes household appliances, electronic protective cases, packaging materials, and various consumer products. Its automation capabilities increase production efficiency and enable the rapid and cost-effective manufacturing of diverse consumer products. Let’s feel it through a video!

Smart manufacturing integration

A key to intelligent manufacturing integration on fully automatic injection molding machines is the use of injection molding machine-specific controllers that can monitor various parameters such as temperature, pressure, and cycle time in real-time. Analyzing the collected data to optimize the injection molding process is crucial for ensuring consistent quality of the finished product and reducing defects. This data-driven approach improves overall productivity and allows for predictive maintenance, reducing downtime. At the same time, under the influence of the Internet of Things, it is part of the connected ecosystem, in which it communicates with other injection molding machine equipment and systems. This connectivity allows for seamless coordination between different stages of the production process.

Handle various materials

The fully automatic injection molding machine is equipped with standard screws and high mixing/high mixing screws, allowing it to process a range of thermoplastic materials, including engineering plastics such as ABS, PC, and nylon. It can also accommodate color and material mixing, allowing manufacturers to produce molded parts in various colors. These are specialized injection units, temperature control systems, and screws to meet the specific characteristics of each thermoplastic material. In addition, integrating capabilities to manage the flow and distribution of filler materials ensures uniformity of the final product and enhances its mechanical properties.

Make your finished product perfect

By describing the product accessories, features, and application fields of the fully automatic injection molding machine, we aim to provide a clearer understanding that it offers a comprehensive solution meeting the ever-changing needs of modern manufacturing.

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