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Injection molding machine brand process integrated machine concept

2024/02/07 By 兰兹

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As China’s largest injection molding machine brand, Topstar has continuously integrated the business, deploying three core products in the injection molding sector: industrial robots, CNC machine tools, and the intelligent environment sector. To figure out what exactly the customer needs? Therefore, we proposed the product concept of an ‘injection molding process all-in-one machine,’ and we will share this concept with you one by one below.

What is an “injection molding process integrated machine”?

The “injection molding process integrated machine” is a multi-technology integration based on Topstar’s various machine technologies. Through our self-developed control system, we can realize communication between the main machine, auxiliary machines, and automation supporting equipment, and the integrated control and hardware concept introduced is also the upgrade of Topstar as an injection molding machine brand enterprise from segmented technology to overall technology. This way, significantly improving broad compatibility, control capabilities, production stability, convenience, etc., will ensure the core of efficient production.

What is its technical principle?

The essential technical difference between it and traditional injection molding machines is understanding equipment intelligence. We define intelligent injection molding machines as integrating software + hardware, which improves equipment intelligence through communication, control, optimization, and perception. Therefore, the technology of process-integrated machines has many intelligent features. Its core is based on integrating software systems to achieve a control interface and linkage with multiple devices, thereby optimizing the entire injection molding process, including injection plastic pre-processing, plasticization, molding control, and the coordination of the removal process. Through system integration, a combination of primary and auxiliary machines, and sensing technology, we can control injection molding factors such as temperature, speed, position, etc.

How does an injection molding machine brand respond to customer needs?

As an injection molding machine brand with many years of experience, we have always emphasized responding to customer needs and creating value for customers. When customers introduce the injection molding process integrated machine, they can solve many production and management problems.

Through integrated control and process linkage, the reduction in the operator’s workload of fine-tuning and monitoring the main and auxiliary equipment, the decrease in labor costs, and the improvement in production efficiency occur. This enables one operator to monitor and fine-tune multiple devices, reducing the manual investment in various devices. After actual customer feedback, the 18 injection molding machines that used to require at least 25 workers now only need 11 workers to complete all the work.

At the same time, it also realizes the synchronous linkage between the robot and the mold opening process. The advanced positioning and precision compensation functions shorten the molding cycle, improving production efficiency. In addition, it adopts an open system, which provides space for equipment expansion and upgrade, making management easier and realizing informatization.

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What is the competitive advantage in this industry?

Topstar is an injection molding machine brand focusing on customer production and operation results. Our solution can meet customers’ total production efficiency and management needs. The software system is connected through the injection molding process machine to achieve real-time communication feedback and realize integrated control of the entire injection molding process. Moreover, we have implemented an “injection molding-in-one” design in terms of hardware and precise control of the molding temperature of plastic products in terms of functionality. These technological innovations will bring customers higher production efficiency and quality control levels.

Application of injection molding machine

In the auto parts industry, after our customers used the injection molding process machine, the yield rate reached more than 95%, exceeding the expected 80%. At the same time, the molding cycle was shortened by 16 seconds, and the production efficiency was improved by more than 20%. In the 3C industry, labor costs have been reduced by 50% after customers use the process machine, and production efficiency has increased by more than 40%. These cases show that Topstar can develop and customize solutions and provide effective process machine application solutions for customers in different industries.

The development and future of injection molding machine brands

Topstar’s research and development of injection molding machine processes will continue to adapt to customers’ optimal production ratio and upgrade needs. They will develop process cost reduction, intelligence, modularization, and efficiency. Continuous optimization and refined control of the process can further reduce production costs.

In the future, manufacturers will also design injection molding process machines to be more intelligent, digital, and modular to customize them according to customer needs. Because different industries and applications have additional requirements for process machines, customized designs can meet customers’ specific production needs.

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