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How to choose the plastic injection machine suitable for you from a professional point of view?

2023/08/25 By 兰兹

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Whether you are a large or small plastics manufacturing company, starting a new project, or upgrading an existing machine, choosing a plastic injection machine is essential. There will be many problems in selecting a plastic injection molding machine, and I don’t know where to judge and analyze. I believe this problem has troubled you for a long time. Therefore, based on years of industry experience, we have summed up several elements to chat with you and share the factors considered when choosing!

Understand the material and type of plastic injection machine!

To choose a plastic injection molding machine, you need to know the material and type of the plastic injection molding machine. The material and kind of plastic injection molding machine should match the material you are using. For example, if your product is made of stainless steel, choose a stainless steel machine; if it is made of copper, choose copper; if it is glass or aluminum alloy, choose an aluminum machine.

Choose by type: Hydraulic injection molding machines have historically been the choice of many molders until Nissei Plastic Industrial introduced the first all-electric injection molding machine in 1983. Hydraulic presses, although less precise, are still the dominant type in most parts of the world, except Japan.

Mechanical: Mechanical injection molding machines are made using a toggle system to increase the tonnage on the machine fixture. All devices need capacity, so the engine clamps do not open due to injection pressure. If the mold is partially open, flashing will occur.

Electric: Electric injection molding machines are also for electric motor technology (EMT), which reduces operating costs by reducing energy consumption and solves some environmental issues around hydraulic presses. The electric injection molding machine is now a quieter, faster, and more accurate injection molding machine, and it is also a machine that many manufacturers will choose.

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Choose according to the material you are running!

Before choosing a plastic injection molding machine, you need to know what kind of material you are running. The materials are low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

The plastic injection molding machine type is also essential when choosing a plastic injection molding machine. There are four main types of plastic injection molds: single-station, twin-station, and multi-station machines; semi-automatic machines; and fully automatic machines. According to their characteristics, these four types of plastics can be classified into three categories: low-temperature processing, medium-temperature processing, and high-temperature processing.

In addition, there are other factors, such as clamping specifications for plastic injection machinery and the injection unit for each type of plastic machinery required by customers before purchasing them from manufacturers or suppliers.

Analysis of clamping specifications of plastic injection machines

Be sure to pay attention to the clamping force to ensure the quality of the injection molding machine. The clamping force is the main factor that determines the molding quality. The greater the clamping power, the more conducive to producing high-quality products.

The clamping force of an injection molding machine is determined by three factors: clamping pressure, clamping movement, and temperature control. Different plastics require different temperatures; if the temperature exceeds 5 degrees Celsius, it will cause fluidity changes and product deformation due to expansion or contraction when cooled after injection. We can get the mold support force by calculating the clamping power, and the machine clamping force usually needs to be more than 1.17 times the force of the mold support.

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Analysis of injection unit specifications for plastic injection machines

Injection unit specifications are critical for plastic injection molding machines. You should know these specifications to choose the suitable plastic injection molding machine. The following is the specification analysis of the injection unit of the plastic injection molding machine:

Injection Pressure: The higher the force, the more powerful your device and vice versa. Due to safety issues such as poor product quality and high maintenance costs, low voltage is not recommended.

Injection Speed: Refers to how fast your machine can produce product per minute or hour, depending on the type of material you want to use in your production process. Faster speed means less time and saving money, so choose wisely based on how often we need that product.

Judgment and Analysis of the Tie Rod Spacing of the Plastic Injection Machine

The tie rod spacing is the distance between two tie rods on the plastic injection machine. This is also one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a plastic injection molding machine, as it affects the size of the mold. The larger, the better it can accommodate different parts and molds.

Here are some descriptions:

Wide tie bar spacing means more room in the mold for more significant parts. This can be useful if you want to produce large products or multiple domains simultaneously, but it can also cause problems if your factory or warehouse doesn’t have enough space for all of them.

Narrow tie rod spacing allows more minor parts to fit into the mold without issue, but this may not always be ideal! If you need to make smaller items quickly and consistently, using a machine with a narrower belt can help simplify production time significantly while keeping costs low enough for customers and employees!

Minimum and maximum mold heights for plastic injection machines

When selecting a plastic injection molding machine, paying attention to minimum and maximum mold heights is critical. These parameters relate to the stability of the workpiece, which is crucial to ensure quality production.

The minimum height of the mold must be greater than or equal to the size of the machine you choose because if the space between them is too large, the coolant may leak from under the product during the cooling time after heating during the injection process. This can damage the product’s surface due to poor cooling conditions in the cavity.

Also, if you try molds of different heights when the clamping action puts pressure on the rest, there will be stress concentration points due to the mismatch between the two halves, leading to mechanical failure. The material remains attached to the wall only at the bottom. At the same time, the other half is completely separated, leaving only space inside the cavity; the dimensional accuracy deteriorates, and the failure rate rises sharply!

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Analysis of the energy-saving system of plastic injection machine

The energy-saving system of the injection molding machine is the most critical part. The energy-saving system is divided into two parts: the mold energy-saving system and the machine energy-saving system. The specific aspects of the energy-saving system are:

Speed regulating valve: The hydraulic valve has a speed regulating function, which is suitable for adjustment through feeding speed, molding time, etc. It will automatically adjust according to its needs, but not too fast or slow; otherwise, it will affect product quality and production efficiency.

Temperature Control: To maintain product quality, it is ensured that all materials in the production process comply with specific standards regarding temperature conditions. For example, when using rigid PVC resin at temperatures above 70°C (158°F), damage may result if heat protection is not first applied!

Is there actual customer experience?

Customer experience is one of the most important factors when choosing an injection molding machine. It’s not just about how good your product is but how well you serve your customers and make them feel welcome at your business. In addition, the industrial design of plastic injection molding machines can also directly affect the details of human-machine interaction. Customer experience is suitable as a reference for future purchases. If you are satisfied with our products, attracting new customers and increasing future sales is easy.

Learn about an excellent plastic injection machine supplier

If you want to buy a good plastic injection molding machine, a suitable injection molding machine supplier is essential. To find a good supplier, you need to know some tips about Analysis:

Find out if the supplier provides technical support and a professional technical team. If they do not offer these services, then it is better not to choose them as your supplier because if there is any problem with your machine or molding process, no one can help you solve it easily and quickly.

Ask about their after-sales service before buying from a previous company’s customer. You should also ask for testimonials from other customers who have purchased from the company to see their experience with their products or services. You also need to know whether they have many years of industry experience because these experiences can give them more unique insights and product accomplishments.

The last point

Only by learning to think from a professional perspective and judging the characteristics of a plastic injection molding machine can you know which device suits you. Only after many years of research in a particular industry, continuous deliberate practice, and continuous practice can we get the essence of the industry. We, Topstar, adhere to the corporate mission of “making industrial manufacturing better” so that more manufacturing industries can feel the value experience it brings.

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