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Industry tends to be intelligent, Topstar helps Zhongtuo Precision to build an injection molding intelligent factory

2022/04/29 By topstar

Zhongtuo Precision Workshop

Injection Molding Intelligent Factory

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of national living standards, consumers’ pursuit of product performance has also been enhanced. 3C electronic products such as intelligent wear, wireless headphones, and audio are constantly updated and iterated, driving the growing market demand for the injection molding processing industry. When the rising labor cost pressures the business operation, more and more enterprises in the 3C industry choose intelligent upgrades and transformation. Dongguan Zhongtuo Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Zhongguo Precision”) is one of them.

“We choose the Topstar injection molding intelligent whole factory solution – TM series injection molding machines with robots, while equipped with ‘Topstar Link’ digital management system.” Tang Yangchun, chairman of Zhongtuo Precision, said, “After the intelligent upgrade, our labor cost is reduced by 50%, and production efficiency is increased by more than 40%.”

01 Intelligent upgrade, help production efficiency by 40%

As an essential partner of Topstar in the 3C industry, Zhongtuo Precision is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinleida, which has been deeply involved in audio-visual and digital electronic products for more than ten years. It mainly operates in designing, developing, producing, and selling 3C electronic products, such as audio, cell phones, and computers.

“Previously, our injection molding production part was outsourced. Not only was it difficult to control the product delivery time, but also the lack of quality assurance brought great resistance to the company’s development. So from 2021, we started to produce injection molding, hoping to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase by creating an intelligent workshop.” Tang Yangchun said, “After multiple assessments, we finally chose Topstar to build an intelligent workshop for us.”

Injection Molding Intelligent Workshop

02 Get a good reputation with products and services

Topstar provided the then-latest TM series injection molding machine for Zhongtuo Precision in this solution. In 2020, Topstar entered the injection molding machine industry. Based on 30 years of injection molding machine technology in the original factory, the first TM series precision injection molding machine was developed independently. The clamping force of the TM series is 90-470 tons, with features of versatility, high performance, easy operation, digitalization, etc. A Servo motor is used, which can save more than 50% of energy. Moreover, the TM series has high response performance and can adapt to high-precision product manufacturing. The system is compatible with peripheral auxiliary machines and automation, which can realize integrated control and applies to many application scenarios such as 3C, home appliances, optoelectronics, auto parts, and medical and daily chemicals.

Reasons for choosing Topstar

Talking about the reasons for choosing Topstar, Tang Yangchun said, “First of all, Topstar has been deeply involved in the injection molding industry for more than ten years; not only has the injection molding machine and its supporting equipment and other hardware equipment, and digital solutions, can provide injection molding whole plant solutions and one-stop service, with high advantages in service and price. Secondly, I used to use the predecessor of the Topstar injection molding machine, the Elite machine; the performance and technology of this machine are very well understood, and I am a fan of it.”

“The more important point is the after-sales service. Buy equipment, after-sales service is essential. Topstar’s after-sales service is the most in place, so I feel excellent. Whenever the equipment encounters small problems, Topstar after-sales staff can always solve them for us in time to protect the production schedule. The sales responsible for this project is also very hard and dedicated.” Tang Yangchun said so. He recalled that after the equipment arrived at the factory, the production was urgent. Topstar’s sales and after-sales personnel rushed to the workshop to debug and install the equipment. Finally, he was very touched by the smooth start of production.

Injection Molding Intelligent Factory Whole Solution

03 Digital transformation for more efficient management

The focus of intelligent factory upgrading is not only the upgrading of hardware and equipment used in production. It also includes the factory’s digital capabilities. To improve the digital management level of small and medium-sized enterprise workshops and realize intelligent production. Topstar provides ZTO with a convenient digital factory solution, “Topstar Link.”

As a data product created by Topstar, the “Topstar Link” digital management system monitors vibration and other physical signals generated by equipment through an AI algorithm. To establish the equipment operation model and realize the all-weather seamless monitoring of equipment. And it has the functions of fault warning and record, one key to report repair. It makes equipment management more accessible and helps manufacturing companies avoid the secondary risk of equipment and reduce company loss.

Topstar Link System
More efficient and convenient management

“Now, no matter where I am, I can check the operation of each machine in the factory and the production situation through my phone. And the data is clear and crisp, so it is more efficient and convenient to manage.” Tang Yangchun feels very satisfied with this. The upgrading of intelligent factories has not only played a positive role in the production efficiency of ZTO Precision. It also brings more development opportunities. Tang Yangchun said that their software and hardware facilities had been completed. This will provide a strong guarantee for products to enter the overseas high-end market in the future.

At present, Topstar has formed a technically advanced, stable quality. Wide range of applications of injection molding overall factory solutions. Topstar will help more manufacturing enterprises achieve intelligent transformation and upgrading. Including 3C, home appliances, medical, new energy, daily chemicals, packaging, and many other fields.

This year is the fifteenth anniversary of the establishment of Topstar. Tang Yangchun to Topstar sent thanks and blessings. He smiled, “We are also fans of Topstar now.”He expects Topstar to develop more efficient, accurate, stable, and intelligent equipment to the industrial process requirements. And work together in the future to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

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