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Low error horizontal injection molding machine

2024/05/06 By 兰兹

The error level during the injection molding will directly affect the final product molding. The accuracy and efficiency of the entire process are very critical. A horizontal injection molding machine with a low error rate can be produced efficiently and perfectly. Therefore, in this guide, we will share the characteristics of the low-error horizontal injection molding machine.

Low-error horizontal injection molding machine improves accuracy

A key attribute of horizontal injection molding machines with low error levels is their higher precision. These machines are equipped with advanced servo motors and feedback systems that ensure extremely precise injection molding process control. Their injection units all adopt high-rigidity structures. The integrated injection seat has higher rigidity, a more stable structure, and precise control. The low-damping linear guide makes pressure detection more sensitive and pressure control more accurate. At the same time, they are equipped with a high-stability clamping unit that ensures minimal deformation under load and maintains consistent part geometry during the injection phase, which is common at high pressures.

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Full servo system design for low-error horizontal injection molding machine

The full servo system design used in low-error horizontal injection molding machines mainly controls all injection, mold clamping and ejection. Each servo motor operates independently, and an advanced CPU coordinates them to synchronize actions and optimize performance. Unlike traditional hydraulic systems, servo motors provide precise position, speed and pressure control. In addition, the outstanding advantage of the full servo system is that the energy efficiency is significantly improved, and the servo motor only consumes the power required for the task during actual operation. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also minimizes the generation of excess heat, reducing cooling requirements and further enhancing energy savings.

System dynamic multi-level control

System dynamic multi-level control in low-error horizontal injection molding machines involves a hierarchical control system that integrates operations at all levels from basic actuator control to the overall production management system to achieve time, position, and pressure repeatability accuracy monitoring. By integrating machine-level sensor data with dynamic modeling of the molding process, the machine can dynamically optimize parameters such as injection speed, holding pressure and cooling time. Improve quality every cycle with real-time input to predict and correct process changes. Dynamic multi-stage control systems compensate for changes in material viscosity due to temperature fluctuations or changes in material batch quality, ensuring consistent part quality without the need for manual intervention.

Real time communication

Real-time communication within low-error horizontal injection molding machines also ensures high precision and efficiency in the manufacturing process. Real-time communication enables the injection molding machine to react immediately to sensor inputs by adjusting operating parameters. This dynamic response capability can well maintain product quality. By continuously monitoring machine condition and performance data, real-time communication systems can predict failures before they occur. In today’s injection molding, multiple injection molding machines are often required to operate simultaneously. And real-time communication ensures that all machines work in harmony, streamlining production processes and increasing throughput.

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USER Interface

Among low-error horizontal injection molding machines, the most easily overlooked aspect is the humanized interactive page. It enables easier interaction between injection molding machines and their operators, with interactive pages allowing operators to monitor all aspects of the injection molding process in real time. This includes visual feedback on key parameters such as temperature, pressure, material flow and cycle time, allowing operators to monitor the machine more appropriately.

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Make your product errors lower

Low-error injection molding machines enable manufacturers to achieve higher precision and efficiency in the production process through full servo system design. Well, as the demand for high-quality plastic parts in various industries continues to grow, purchasing this kind of injection molding machine is also the best choice for many manufacturers.

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