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What is the weight and dimensions of an injection molding robot?

2024/05/08 By 兰兹

Injection molding robot are usually placed on top of injection molding machines, so their size and weight are critical to manufacturers. In addition to specific functions, many purchasers will also focus on the weight and size specifications of the injection molding robot. So, in this guide, we will introduce the size and weight range of Topstar injection molding robots.

Typical dimensions of injection molding robots

Generally speaking, the size of an injection molding robot can vary greatly depending on its design, functionality, and capacity. The EU series, which is the most cost-effective among Topstar, has a length of only about 2060 mm x 2240 mm and a height range of 1650 mm to 1770 mm. It is suitable for grabbing items with a load range of 6kg. Its main arm’s up-and-down stroke is 800-900 mm, and its up-and-down standby is 225 mm. Its operating dimensions, range of motion, and the safety area required for safe operation determine its physical footprint.

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Weight specifications

The weight of an injection molding robot varies as much as its size and is closely related to its structural complexity and the robustness of its design. In the EU series, its weight is in the range of 260-300KG. The main arm is made of lightweight and high-strength A6061 material, which reduces its weight by 20% compared with traditional manipulators, thus improving the overall operating performance. This lightweight main arm material allows a minimum removal time of 1.5 seconds when grabbing products. At the same time, the lighter weight will not cause much trouble during transportation and installation.

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Dimensions and Weight Impact of Installation on the Injection Molding Machine

The size of an injection molding robot determines, to a large extent, its range of motion. Choosing the correct size is crucial to ensure the injection molding robot can perform the required tasks without overstretching or unnecessary movement. This can reduce the injection molding machine’s Injection molding cycle times and increase productivity. At the same time, its weight will also affect the stability and vibration level of the injection molding machine during operation. If the weight is too heavy, it may cause significant vibration, affecting the accuracy and quality of the molded parts.

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Optimize production layout

Knowing its size and weight, we can optimize the production layout to achieve significant operational efficiencies. A targeted layout reduces cycle times, minimizes the movement required between tasks, and promotes better workflow management. Once installed, a robot of the right weight and size can easily receive and deliver injection molded parts without unnecessary delays or rerouting. It is important to note that you must design the layout within the workshop to maintain high safety standards in all operations. This includes allowing adequate clearance for emergency stops and operator intervention without creating a safety risk due to the robot’s operating area.

Established long-term considerations

One last thing to note is that when sizing an injection molding robot, it is important to consider current and potential needs in future production. Because your production line requires different mold design specifications when changing products. The weight of the injection molding robot directly affects the structural requirements of the factory workshop and its attached machinery. Heavier robots require strong support systems to handle the increased stress and prevent mechanical failure. In the long term, you will need to evaluate the load-bearing capacity of the existing structure and possibly reinforce it to accommodate future upgrades to multiple pieces of equipment.

Get ready for integration

Choosing an injection molding robot of the right weight and size is critical to preparing your equipment for successful automation integration. After understanding the relevant weight and dimensions, you can ensure that the robot you choose can be well installed on the injection molding machine to perform picking and placing tasks.

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