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Plastic Bucket Making Machine from China

2024/07/10 By 兰兹

China has become a global manufacturing hub in recent years, providing advanced machinery and innovative solutions for all walks of life regarding technology and industrial manufacturing. In plastic manufacturing, Topstar is one of the fastest-growing plastic bucket making machines (injection molding machines) companies. The plastic bucket making machines produced by Topstar have changed the entire production process of plastic buckets. In this article, we will introduce you to the plastic bucket making machine that Topstar produces and the features, advantages, and impacts on the plastic industry that is worth buying.

Topstar’s core advantages

Topstar uses intelligent equipment with injection robots, (bucket making machines)injection molding machines, and CNC as the core, as well as the three core technologies of control, servo, and vision to create an intelligent hardware platform driven by core technology for different manufacturing industries and provide manufacturing companies with an overall solution for smart factories. Among them, in terms of control systems, it has the complete independent research and development capabilities of software and hardware of the general motion control platform, which can achieve high-speed and high-precision motion control and complex logic control, ensuring that the injection molding robot runs faster and more smoothly.

The servo system has a variety of self-developed servo products, including high-cost-effective all-in-one drivers for injection molding robots, efficient electro-hydraulic drivers for injection molding machine applications, and so on. In the visual system, microkernel + modular design enables multi-target search and AI intelligent sorting.
Suitable for common industrial scenarios such as alignment, robot guidance, electronic grasping, etc.

TM Series Plastic Bucket Making Machine

TM series plastic Bucket Making Machine adopts the classic inward-turning five-point machine hinge structure, with stable and reliable performance, high overall cost performance, and a clamping force range of 90T-470T. During our R&D and design process, we avoid friction and collision between parts to ensure smooth movement of the whole machine and not easy to vibrate. While improving energy efficiency, it also greatly extends the life of mechanical parts and molds and reduces downtime accidents caused by parts wear and failure. In addition, we have also upgraded the mold adjustment mechanism to achieve automatic and precise mold adjustment with one-button operation, and the optimized template design has more balanced force to ensure the uniform quality of plastic barrels.

TM Series Plastic Bucket Making Machine

TH Series Plastic Bucket Making Machine

TH Series Plastic Bucket Making Machine adopts a two-plate direct pressure center clamping structure and comprehensively optimizes the clamping, shooting platform, oil pressure, and electronic control, which significantly improves the overall performance and provides the maximum mold opening stroke to meet the production needs of large-size and deep-cavity plastic buckets and is suitable for automatic pickup applications. Its clamping force ranges from 130T to 2200 T. This large clamping force enables it to produce products with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy, especially for thick-walled, deep-cavity, multi-cavity, and high dynamic balance requirements. We use CNC proportional back pressure and KEBA controller technology throughout the series to save more than 50% of the overall energy.

TH Series Plastic Bucket Making Machine

TE Series Plastic Bucket Making Machine

The new generation of TE series belt-driven servo electric plastic bucket making machine uses full electric control in the main action technology of mold clamping, mold opening, injection, and melting. The auxiliary actions such as nozzle contact, core pulling, and ejector pin are all servo hydraulically controlled. It can provide precise, stable, fast, and powerful movement for the mold clamping, melting, and injection systems. By replacing the injection platform to meet the diverse needs of customers, intelligent electric injection motion control can achieve accurate PV conversion time, pressure, and position. It is suitable for a wider range of injection molding processes.

TE Series Plastic Bucket Making Machine

Full system integration

All peripheral auxiliary parameter settings and working condition monitoring can be integrated into the controller of the plastic bucket making machine. The full range of equipment can achieve a 20% increase in servo power, a 20% increase in injection speed, and a 10% increase in melt speed, which can effectively shorten the injection molding cycle and perform better when facing complex structures or specific materials. In addition, the full range of plastic bucket making machines can be highly integrated and compatible with other auxiliary equipment, such as mold temperature controllers.

Plastic Bucket Making Machine 12

Let you have high-quality products

Topstar’s full range of equipment can meet all your application scenarios while reducing energy consumption and improving your production efficiency. Provide reliable and efficient solutions for producing high-quality plastic barrels. Whether you want to create large or small plastic barrels or upgrade and replace existing equipment, investing in China’s Topstar plastic bucket making machine is your best choice.

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