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Find Out Plastic Injection Molding Machine Price in 2022

2022/01/31 By 兰兹

Plastic Injection Molding Machine Price 2022

How much does a plastic injection machine cost?

When individuals or businesses need to use machines with the use of plastic forming but are wondering about plastic injection molding machine price? The news section will give you the most accurate data on popular products on the market for you to choose from. 

The price of a plastic injection molding machine starts from $11,000. It can vary according to function and performance.

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What is a plastic injection machine? 

To answer the question of how much does a plastic injection machine cost? Knowing its structure and function is very important. 

A plastic injection molding machine, a plastic injection molding machine, a plastic injection molding machine, a plastic injection machine, etc., has a separate structure to create mass plastic products. Plastic injection molding machine price works on a pre-programmed principle. 

Different types of machines will be distinguished in terms of the installation of parts. However, most of them have the same operating principle.

Plastic Injection Molding Machine Price

Structure and application of plastic injection machine

Plastic injection part: Funnel-shaped design, helping to put plastic beads into the machine to melt. The injection of plastic is thanks to the screw and nozzle system;

Mold clamp: Helps to fix the sample, shape the product, and push the plastic out of the machine. 

There are two types: fixed mold clamp and movable mold clamp. The fixed mold is precisely positioned at the machine. The movable mold opens and closes according to a pre-programmed cycle. The plastic injection molding machine price has an automated process that saves labor, time, and, most importantly, assets, creating high efficiency in work.

From having such many advantages, plastic injection molding products are widely applied in all areas of social life. Specifically:

  • Manufacturing, packaging industry: Household appliances, stationery, and electronics.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Producing drug cases, gloves, test tubes, syringes.
  • Decoration and interior industry: Partitions, sanitary ware.
  • Dressing date: Protective gear, buttons,…
Plastic Injection Molding Machine Price 30

How much does a plastic injection machine cost? 

How much does a plastic injection machine cost? It is unthinkable to have a specific number because the cost is countless. Below, we will share some criteria that affect the plastic injection molding machine price list and product quality. It is essential that the higher the price, the better the press will be. This depends mainly on the needs of each customer segment.

Origin of plastic injection machine:

Each brand of plastic injection machine will have a different price. Currently, famous machine suppliers such as Japan, Korea, Germany, and China are on the market.

Product features: The more built-in functions a product has, the higher the price. Besides, the smoothness of the combination is also a criterion for selling plastic injection molding machines at prices.

Distribution address: The evaluation of a good, suitable plastic injection machine business place depends on the legality of the unit, information on the representative, and documents proving the product’s origin.

Capacity of the machine: There are many plastic injection machines, such as inclined machines, vertical machines, or mini plastic injection machines. The power of the devices has a sharp difference. The larger the product’s capacity, the more plastic it will produce and the higher the price.

Update the latest plastic injection machine price list in 2021

With the latest updated plastic injection molding machine price list below, you can clarify the question of how much a plastic injection machine costs.

The cost of these products ranges from US $ 4700 depending on the criteria as analyzed above.

Note: How much does a plastic injection machine cost? Depending on each store, location, and transaction time, it may change up and down. How much does it cost to get the most accurate information about plastic injection molding machines? You need one click, and the staff will contact you directly and share the latest price list. 

Plastic Injection Molding Machine Price 2022 

The policy of free shipping and return

Moreover, the policy of free shipping and return within 30 days will create maximum convenience for customers in the product selection process.

In the process of plastic injection molding machine price, the finished product may have unnecessary defects. Each defect has its cause and has its remedy. Below, Smart PM will guide you to adjust mainly for the injection molding process when the product has flaws.

Product error has the wrong assembly size!

The reason this error occurs is that the plastic material line has a shrinking phenomenon. However, plastic shrinkage during the injection cycle and after the product is removed from the mold. Each type of plastic material will have a different shrinkage.

Factors that affect shrinkage include:

Effect of pressure: The longer the pressure retention time, the higher the maximum pressure in the mold cavity, resulting in lower shrinkage. Plastic injection molding machine price, but the pressure in the mold will change with the flow length, so the shrinkage at different locations will be additional but not uniform.

Effect of temperature: The higher the plastic flow temperature, the higher the shrinkage because the material compresses less into the mold because the plastic expands more. As for using semi-crystalline resin, the mold temperature affects the shrinkage because it affects the cooling time.

Effect of molecular orientation: Moreover, the molecules are oriented by shear stress, which is then retained by the combined cooling process. The plastic molecules return to the free state when in normal conditions and not in the mold. The flow shrinkage will be more significant for a plastic injection molding machine price than the directional shrinkage.

Factors affecting the occurrence of warping errors include

Effect of pressure: When there is a pressure drop along the plastic flow, the compression of the material will be uneven. If you want uniform compression, increasing the maximum compression pressure in the plastic injection molding process is necessary.

Effect of temperature: When the mold temperature increases, the product cools slowly, and the warping will increase.

Effect of current orientation: Plastic injection molding machine price, when the resin is reinforced with fibers, the exposure occurs due to sliding and cooling. If the direction is uneven, there is a risk of warping.

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