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How to Find the Right Micro Injection Molding Machine?

2022/01/31 By 兰兹

Micro Injection Molding Machine

Causes of warping and measures to overcome the situation

The shrinkage of the whole product in the micro injection molding machine results in wide deformation. The degree of distortion will depend on the shrinkage coefficient of the plastic material.

  • When the product is taken out too soon, it has not been fixed yet.
  • The mold design stage is not suitable. The different product wall thicknesses lead to additional mold pressure and further shrinkage at each position.
  • The mold surface temperature varies greatly. 
  • Increase mold holding pressure time to shape the product. 
  • Re-check the design structure and mold manufacturing
  • Choose the right material
  • Avoid internal stress-resistant products and optimize molds with 3D simulation software.

Micro Injection Molding Machine 

Product error is concentrated in micro injection molding machine

Air bubbles are the appearance of oval holes inside the product or the creation of voids that interfere with the filling of the product. In clear plastic materials, air bubbles are visible to the naked eye. The presence of air bubbles in the product can lead to defects or weaken the overall structure of the product.


Due to input materials: plastic raw materials because of negligence in the preservation stage, causing the plastic to have high moisture but not drying before liquefying plastic injection. A concentrated plastic flow will force the air inside the mold cavity into one place, causing air bubbles in the micro-injection molding machine.

Mold components: Parts such as injection ports, nozzles, and plastic channels are not correctly surfaced, leading to poor-quality molds. The gloss is not high; it is easy to form air bubbles when the molten plastic stream passes, mixing into the flow and leading to the starting of the product.

The unoptimized design: Texcess air in the channel and mold cavity cannot escape, leading to air blockage. Excess air is retained in the product in the final filling areas during injection molding.

Remedy for: Make sure the plastic raw material meets the input requirements of the micro injection molding machine. Pay attention to the product thickness design at each appropriate location. Change the injection port position to minimize the amount of air entering the mold cavity. Optimize the exhaust system and reduce the spray speed if you want to give the bubbles time to escape. Reduce screw pressure loss or reduce pressure by reducing rotational speed. If air bubbles are present, place them in a ventilated area or add a flare to release air.

Plastic products for micro injection molding machine

Injection-molding plastics are high-tech injection-molded plastic products that substitute products made from rugged and difficult-to-process raw materials. Current injection molded plastic products are widely used and economical.

How do injection mold plastic products?

Firstly, the raw plastic granules will heat to plasticize into molten plastic. This plastic strand is injected into the mold cavity due to high pressure through the heating cylinder. Secondly, when the plastic fills the mold cavity, it will cool to solidify in the mold. The micro injection molding machine plastic product form is pushed out of the mold by the push pin design.

Conduct cutting, editing, and quality checks to produce finished products

While injection molding can combine two different materials in the same injection process through two separate types of molds. This is a two-time injection process, creating cohesion and softness for plastic products or producing a variety of color product lines.

However, plastic molds are designed with different cavities to combine mass production of the same parts and components in large quantities.

Materials for making molds are usually steel or aluminum.

Using aluminum as a mold in micro injection molding machines will have the disadvantage of poor mechanical properties, being easy to deform and damage under pressing force, clamping force, and more accessible to wear.

Therefore, aluminum die castings are unsuitable when mass production requires or parts have narrow dimensional tolerances. Steel molds will have much more strength and stability than aluminum molds, but the cost is higher.

Micro Injection Molding Machine 2022

Basic principles when choosing plastic injection mold materials

The whole injection molding process requires high care in design. The design engineer must calculate the most accurate parameters, including the shape and features of the product, the plastic material, and the characteristics of the micro injection molding machine. Careful evaluation is required for a plastic injection molding process to occur correctly.

Advantages of plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding is capable of creating high-quality plastic products and parts. This technology also minimizes the time, and the injection molding cycle is quick.

The process is automated with a feeding system, injection molding machines, and robotic swing arms for product pickup. Plastic injection molding technology can micro injection molding machines of various sizes, from small details such as plastic parts of phones and electronics to extensive components such as car interiors.

Defects of plastic injection molding

The operation requires a skilled and experienced team to reduce the adjustment time. There are requirements for accuracy in control manipulation and adjustment of operating indicators.

Application of plastic injection molding products

In reality today, you can encounter various injection molded products in life and production: household product lines include disposable plastic cutlery, food containers, and plastic bottles. Accessories and installation materials: water pipes, valve equipment, and plastic panels with waterproof and insulating properties. Products for installing motorcycles and cars. Various types of electronic equipment and industrial machinery. Production of telecommunications equipment, headphones, and speakers.

Extrusion technology

There are the following types of micro injection molding machines on the market: Single screw machines (1 screw) are divided into two kinds – Extruders without steam-extrusion systems – Extruders with steam-retraction systems.

Twin screw extruders (2 screws) also divide into Parallel twin screw type, Taper double screw type.

The twin screw type rotates in the same direction, while the double screw rotates in the opposite direction.

Classification according to very different uses:

Moreover, extruders for processing in rubber, thin film forming, granulation, mixers, etc., processing performance guarantee, improper use is not technically and economically guaranteed.


In conclusion, above are some fundamental defects that will be encountered in the micro injection molding machine process. If you liked this share or have any feedback, let us know by commenting below this article.

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