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Plastic injection molding machine with safety protection function

2024/05/13 By 兰兹

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In addition to paying attention to the injection molding functional characteristics of plastic injection molding machine, we also need to pay attention to their safety protection functions to ensure that operators and workers can work safely. Topstar’s injection molding machine series has various safety protection functions to minimize risks and prevent accidents. This guide will explain how these safety features protect operator health while improving efficiency, productivity, and overall performance.

Automatic emergency stop system for plastic injection molding machines

One of the key safety protection features of plastic injection molding machines is the automatic emergency stop system. By automatically cutting power to the machine’s motors and hydraulic systems, they can immediately stop machine operation in case of a serious error, malfunction, or hazardous situation. Empowering operators to resolve issues and safely resume production quickly. The automatic emergency stop system has sensors distributed throughout the plastic injection molding machine. Various parameters, such as temperature, pressure, position, and motion, can be monitored. If an abnormality or security breach occurs, the sensor triggers an alarm signal, allowing immediate action to be taken.

Safety interlocking mechanism of plastic injection molding machine

Certain actions or operations can only be performed under specific conditions or sequences to minimize the risk of accident or damage. For example, interlocks may prevent a machine from operating if a safety door is open, a mold is not secured properly, or critical components are not in the correct position.

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One of the main functions of safety interlocking mechanisms is preventing entry into hazardous areas while the plastic injection molding machine operates. This includes door interlocks, which are installed on access doors and panels. Install relevant safety protection devices around high-risk areas, such as injection units, mold areas, and door interlocks.

Protecting mask

Topstar’s entire range of plastic injection molding machines are equipped with protective covers to protect operators from potential hazards such as flying debris or plastic parts. Install physical barriers around the machine’s work area to prevent accidental contact or hazard exposure. Additionally, transparent guards allow operators to monitor the molding process without compromising safety, providing an extra layer of protection without impeding visibility. In addition, protective covers protect critical machine components from dust, debris, and contaminants. Plastic injection molding machines produce a lot of noise during operation, and the protective cover also acts as a sound barrier, suppressing noise emissions and creating a quieter working environment.

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Security sensors and alarms

Safety sensors and alarms can alert operators to potential hazards during the operation of plastic injection molding machines. These sensors can detect a variety of conditions. Manufacturers deploy pressure sensors throughout the hydraulic system of plastic injection molding machines to monitor hydraulic levels. They provide real-time feedback on the pressure applied during the molding process’s injection, clamping, and ejection stages. Abnormal pressure readings, such as excessive or sudden drops in pressure, may indicate hydraulic system failure or mold issues.

Temperature sensors monitor temperature levels in critical areas, including barrels, nozzles, molds, and hydraulic systems. These sensors can detect deviations from preset temperature thresholds, signaling potential overheating, cooling system failure, or material degradation. Emergency stop buttons are prominently located on the control panel and throughout the work area, providing operators with a quick and convenient way to stop machine operation in an emergency.

Integrated safety PLC system

Topstar’s plastic injection molding machines have a safety programmable logic controller (PLC) system, which is a central control center for monitoring and managing safety functions. These advanced systems utilize complex algorithms and logic programming to coordinate safety interlocks, emergency stop sequences, and sensor feedback. The integrated safety PLC system continuously monitors various parameters and inputs from safety sensors installed throughout the injection molding machine. Integrated safety PLC systems provide configuration and programming flexibility to accommodate different machine configurations, process requirements, and safety standards. Use intuitive programming software to easily customize and configure safety features for seamless integration with existing control systems and equipment.

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Security first

Plastic injection molding machines equipped with safety features are critical in ensuring safety for operators and manufacturing workers. These features, from automatic emergency stop systems and safety interlocks to protective shields, work together to reduce risk, prevent accidents, and promote a safe working environment.

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