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7 Advantages of Small cnc machine for Beginners

2022/03/08 By 兰兹

Small cnc machine

Firstly, to understand the operating principle of a small cnc machine, we first need to understand the structure of this machine. Ordinary small CNC machines design with processing capabilities that are not as powerful as industrial CNC machines.

However, it still ensures to process products with normal processing requirements. Not only that, when using this CNC milling machine, it also helps to reduce operating costs, does not take up warehouse space to place the machine, and at the same time, as well as, the use of the machine is simple, does not require too high professionalism.

Small cnc machine

What are the main Content of small cnc machine

  • Construction of mini CNC milling machine
  • Controller of mini CNC milling machine
  • Sensor system
  • Driver included on mini CNC machine
  • Machine drive system
  • Structure of the machine
  • Servo motor
  • Mini CNC machine spindle

What is the application of mini CNC milling machine?

Mini CNC milling machines are often known for their low investment costs, so users can buy them to perform simple milling jobs. However, some professional mini CNC machines can still process metal materials with precise results for manufacturing jobs.

To understand the working principle of a mini CNC milling machine, let’s first learn about the structure of the parts of this machine. Furthermore, Small cnc machine makes up of many different parts such as: controller, transmission mechanism, machine structure, software use, and spindle.

Overview image of mini CNC machine

The controller is considered one of the most important parts in the entire operation of this machine. It is the brain of the machine, each of these mini machines also design with different levels, there are machines with only a few million dongs, they use the GRBL open source code, so the cost is low and the operating mechanism is also quite simple.

For some more advanced machines, it uses in production, and small industry should use Mach3 controller. As for specialized machines in molds, which require high-precision products, they can use the same operating system as Fanuc made in China, including NC studio, Weihong, GSK, etc.

Sensor system of small cnc machine

Moreover, small cnc machine not equip with many sensors. Most of them use only open-loop drivers, but there are still a handful of new professional machines equip with close-loop drivers. Accordingly, components such as temperature sensor, motor shafts, and spindle speed measurement are all adjusted accordingly.

Driver included on mini CNC machine

Eventually, it depending on the type of motor equip on each type of milling machine, it will have appropriate drivers such as: driver for servo motor or driver for stepper motor. These motors often play a very important role on the machine, thereby having a great impact on the accuracy of the product when machining.

Machine drive system

Subsequently, it comes with low-cost mini small cnc machine; they are usually only equipped with a transmission designed with a slide with a regular lead screw. With this transmission system, it can only process soft non-metallic materials, but cannot uses to process metal materials. These types of machines often come with poor quality. After a period of use, this part will be bent, making loud noises and high errors.

High-quality mini-milling machines often equip with slide rails with ball screws for stable, smooth and high-precision operation. At the same time, it can process metal materials with high hardness such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc.

Structure of the cnc machine

In addition, it comes with cheap mini machines that often use aluminum bars, further; the chassis is quite weak and uncertain. Small router machines are usually equipped with specialized aluminum sheets for non-metallic processing.

As for the high-prices mini CNC machines, usually a cast frame or steel part uses to make the body part sturdy. From there, it is possible to easily process all kinds of metal materials, improve quality and bring high efficiency.

Mini CNC machine equip with servo motor

With high-end mini machines are often equip with servo motors. Therefore, the small cnc machine price is usually relatively high, because it also has the ability to sense the position and speed, thereby helping the operator easily controls the operation of the CNC machine in the best way to help improve the accuracy of the machine.

Small cnc machine 2022

 CNC machine spindle

The average power of designed mini CNC milling machines ranges from 150W to 3.2 KW. The main shaft is also an important part in the structure of this machine. It plays a decisive role in the machining ability of the machine.

Only machines with good structure can be invested with a capacity of 1.5KW or more. With high-end machines, it will help sharpen the processing of a variety of different materials.

What is the application of mini CNC milling machine?

Hand-held machine mainly apply to the processing and manufacturing industries. This machine is capable of cutting and milling on many different material surfaces from metal to non-metal.

A small cnc machine can uses for cutting, milling, decorating product edges, drilling holes, grooving hinges, cutting grooves efficiently, etc. complexity and precision. This machine also designs with a compact size that can be easily held and carry for construction.

Also because the construction of a mini milling machine not too complicate, the process of using it is not too complicate. The products made from this type of milling machine are usually of excellent aesthetics and quality.

Common applications of CNC machines

Small cnc machine with a variety of models and sizes are suitable for machines that operate continuously and increasingly focus on quality as well as outstanding features, so CNC machines  for application in the industry:
– Machinery Semiconductor;
– PCB assembly machinery;
– Medical equipment;
– Robotic arm machinery;
– Precision measuring machines;
– Compact automatic machinery;

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Eventually, the above article is some information share by Top star machine about mini CNC milling machines. Hope it has been really useful for those who are looking to use this machine. Hope you find a machine that suits your needs and purposes.

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