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If you don’t understand the automation of injection molding robots, please read it!

2022/12/28 By 兰兹

automation of injection molding robots

If you don’t understand the automation of injection molding robots, please read it!

Robots are widely used in modern production. The injection molding machine uses plastic particles as raw materials, fed into a hopper by an electric feeder. The plastic is heated to a melting point of 240~260 degrees Celsius in an extruder under high pressure and then injected into the mold cavity. The final melt process is cooled and solidified, forming a product. At this time, the robot hand takes out the effect from the mold on the conveyor belt for further processing.

Injection molding applications in various industrial sectors

Injection molding is widely used in a variety of industries. This is because it is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to produce plastic products.

In many instances, injection molding can be used to make all the parts needed for a product. Suppose a position requires more than one material or color. In that case, it makes sense to use an injection molding process since this type of manufacturing allows for multiple fabrics and colors per part. In addition, injection molding provides greater precision than other processes, such as extrusion or blow molding. This will enable you to create pieces with detailed features that would be difficult or impossible using different processes.

Since so many industries rely on plastic components, many different types of products could be made using the injection molding process: automotive parts, medical devices, and equipment; consumer goods such as toys; building materials such as siding; sporting goods like golf clubs; industrial equipment like gears and bearings…the list goes on!

The injection molding machine operates in the following manner.

The injection molding machine operates in the following manner: first, the plastic particles are fed into the molding machine and then heated and compressed. The plastic particles melt due to thermal energy, forming a soft or viscous state. The mold cavity is filled with this melted material. Under pressure, the fluid flow path is formed. When an external force is released, it will harden again after cooling to room temperature.

Plastic particles under high-pressure melt

Injection molding is mainly used in plastic products. The primary injection molding process is to melt plastic particles under high pressure. After injection into the cavity of the product mold, cooling and solidification will form plastic products.

The robot hand takes the product from the mold.

At this time, the robot hand removes the product from the mold and puts it on the conveyor belt for the following process. The robot hand is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which can be rotated freely to pick up and place products with high accuracy. It’s simple to use; you must put it in the line direction according to instructions from CAD drawing or software system design.

The robot hand is suitable for pick-and-place operation in electronic and mechanical industries. It can be used to pick up and place small parts, such as IC, LED sheet, etc. The robot hand has two fingers and one thumb that are complex copper electrodes. They can easily pick up the products with high accuracy by electrostatic force.

Unlike ordinary injection molding machines

Unlike ordinary injection molding machines, the most critical parts of robots are robotic hands. They remove the mold and place the product on the conveyor belt. Transport it to another place or perform other tasks. We should know about this because it can help us understand how automation works.

automation of injection molding robots 12

The second thing we need to understand is that many different robotic hands are available today, which means they all have additional features and specifications. Therefore, before buying a machine that uses this technology in the design process. It would be best if you made sure that you first investigate all available options to avoid wasting money (or worse) on unnecessary things. Buy products that do not entirely meet your needs!

Robots are widely used in modern production!

Robots are suitable for modern production. They mainly play a role in manufacturing, assembling, and testing products. Robots also play an essential role in packaging products.

As time passes, the application of robots in the manufacturing industry has increased. Many industries are using this technology, which helps to improve productivity and reduce production costs.

To sum up-automation of injection molding robots

The injection molding machine represents modern production equipment, and the Robot is also an auxiliary device. This way, the injection molding robot is more efficient and accurate than ordinary machines.

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