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Topstar 2023 first overseas exhibition at PlastIndia

2023/02/02 By topstar


Local time February 1, 2023 – February 5, a five-day PlastIndia (India International Plastics Exhibition) held in New Delhi Maidan Exhibition and Convention Center.

According to the market demand and industry development in India, Topstar joined local partners with a new high-quality electric injection molding machine and supporting auxiliary equipment at the exhibition (Booth No. 12A-H-C-5).

Topstar demonstrated the injection molding automation solution for camera junction box on site. We not only used TE II series electric injection molding machine, but also equipped with EU-80sII European standard robot and dehumidification dryer and other auxiliary equipment.

Product name: camera junction box
Molding cavity number: 2
Product material: PP
Product weight: 130g
Molding cycle: 32s

Solution Features

  1. Electric injection molding machine has a high rigid structure injection unit, the products are more stable molding; the interactive page is simple, and more convenient operation; energy saving and environmental protection advantages can reduce energy consumption, to create a clean workshop environment.
  2. Self-developed full set of injection molding equipment, data interconnection between equipment systems to improve production efficiency.
  3. It can excellently meet the needs of medical, 3C, home appliances, auto parts and other industries of product molding.

Topstar will continue to work with local partners to provide injection molding processors with more valuable automation solutions to help improve product competitiveness.

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