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Topstar adds new momentum to the photovoltaic industry

2023/07/04 By topstar

Baotou JA Project

With the global enterprise on the development of new renewable energy development, photovoltaic industry with its “high reliability” “long service life” “environmental protection” characteristics continue to develop and grow. The vigorous development of photovoltaic enterprises, led to the close cooperation of the ‘/supporting industry chain. Topstar, as a service to the “intelligent manufacturing” of new forces, we actively participate in industry cooperation, to provide strong support for the development of the photovoltaic industry!

Photovoltaic EPC project started

Topstar undertook the “5GW high-efficiency heterojunction cells and modules” factory project has been officially started on June 6. Topstar is responsible for the project’s mechanical and electrical design, material procurement and stage construction.
According to public information, the project will become the world’s largest heterojunction mass production plant. The plant will also become the largest single production capacity, the most optimized process, the most advanced technology, the highest degree of automation and intelligence, the most cost intensive modern plant in the heterojunction industry.

Photovoltaic EPC Project

Another good news, Topstar won the bidding of Baotou JA project

At the same time, Topstar made another breakthrough in the front process of PV industry, “crystal pulling – slicing”, and won the bidding of Baotou JA 3 plant mechanical and electrical general contracting project. The project includes 10GW crystal pulling, 10GW slicing and all the related ancillary mechanical and electrical works. At present, all construction plans are in order.

Baotou JA Project

Strong combination, Topstar to help PV upgrade

Topstar continues to deep plow the field of underlying core technology and high-end manufacturing equipment. At the same time, Topstar, according to the national strategic deployment, in-depth study of the photovoltaic industry industry chain, to create a “technology and management go hand in hand” of the engineering team, through domestic and overseas project practice, to help the photovoltaic industry to achieve industrial upgrading and healthy development.

Hefei New Energy Project

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