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Topstar’s New High-Speed SCARA Robot With A Beat Of 0.25s

2022/05/28 By topstar

SCARA ROBOT TR002-400-150-A.001

“Fast, stable, and accurate” is the core requirement of industrial robots, which also determines the processing quality and efficiency of the production process. To further improve product performance and meet the increasingly complex manufacturing applications, Topstar launched the new TRH002-400-150-A series of high-speed SCARA robots to bring a more efficient and flexible product experience for manufacturing companies.

As a new generation of high-speed SCARA robot, TRH002-400-150-A has improved the speed, accuracy, load performance, experience and debugging and maintenance. It not only has a remarkable 0.25s limit beat, but also maintains “stable” and “accurate” status when running at high speed, so it is the “king” of SCARA robots.

The new robot is based on the original series, with optimized appearance and functions.

1. reduced base size, more space-saving.

2. selectable range of arm length from 300-700mm, which can meet the needs of complex production process and high-speed production in 3C, packaging, medical and other industries.

3. flexible and fast integration into the production line, especially for light and small materials handling, loading and unloading, sorting, assembly and other scenarios, can achieve “high-speed handling, precision assembly”.

Comprehensive Upgrade, Superb Experience

01 Faster

Adopting TOPSTAR self-research controller, the cycle time can reach 0.25s under a 2KG load. 33% increase in beat frequency, higher working efficiency. The acceleration time is reduced by 20%, and the speedup is faster. Equipment stability is stronger, from high-speed operation to equipment stopping time is reduced by 25%.

02 More Precise

Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01mm, rotation gap to within 1 arc minute, track accuracy increased by 35%, the higher degree of refinement effectively solves the problem of operational limitations in the actual application scenarios of more users.

03 Stronger

The rated load is 2kg, the maximum load is 5kg; the maximum allowable inertia is increased by 50%, and the high speed and high load running ability can surpass the same type of Japanese products.

04 More User-Friendly

Simple and intuitive software system, more convenient operation; at the same time, the thin and light body reduces air resistance, making the movement more smooth; reduces the space occupation rate, in line with the user habits in a variety of application scenarios.

05 Easier Maintenance

Fully considering the convenience of maintenance, can effectively reduce the time of troubleshoot and maintenance.

Strength Out Of The Circle Widely Acclaimed

Topstar full self-research series of industrial robots are widely used in 3C, packaging, new energy, auto parts manufacturing, 5G, optoelectronics, household appliances, and other fields. It can be restructured with automation solutions to form standard workstations in niche areas, with good versatility and replicability, helping enterprises to upgrade efficiently in terms of efficiency and application scale. At present, the new TRH002-400-150-A series SCARA high-speed robots have been successfully applied in medical, 3C, injection molding, and other industries, gaining a good customer reputation and effectively helping enterprises to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Topstar has been developing in the field of intelligent manufacturing for fifteen years and is the first backbone enterprise of Guangdong robotics to land on the GEM. Topstar robot business has self-developed product core technology, with fully independent motion control technology, modular servo drive technology, stable and reliable body technology, and a flexible vision system. It can form a whole set of solutions, both generalized products, and functions, but also can customize development based on industry attributes, effectively helping manufacturing enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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