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Topstar electric IMM unveiled in Iran Plast 2023

2023/09/28 By topstar


Recently, the 3-day 17th Iran Plast 2023 was successfully held in Tehran, Iran. This largest and most famous plastics and rubber exhibition in the Middle East is an important trade platform to promote technical exchanges, facilitate industry development and realize a win-win situation.

In this exhibition, Topstar and its local partners showed the TEII series all-electric injection molding machines and the supporting auxiliary machines.

TEII electric series injection molding machine adopts a self-developed servo drive. This breaks the communication barrier and dramatically reduces the communication delay between systems. It can process control commands and feedback signals in real-time with a response speed 8-16 times faster.

The integration of software and hardware enables the technology of communication, control, optimization and perception to be continuously upgraded, thus improving the intelligence level of the equipment. It is characterized by openness, compatibility, continuous upgrading, and self-iteration. The demonstration of integrated control, process linkage and precision compensation as well as supporting automation equipment gained the recognition of on-site customers.

For Topstar, every international presentation is very important. In the fourth quarter, Topstar will exhibit in Vietnam, Turkey, India and other countries to provide more efficient solutions for customers.

Topstar’s next stop is VietnamPlas (October 18-21, 2023) and we look forward to seeing you again!

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