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Topstar: Industrial Robot Chinese brand

2024/02/14 By 兰兹

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As a Industrial Robot Chinese brand, we have been committed to improving robot performance through underlying core technologies to achieve customers’ smart manufacturing goals. With the arrival of new energy vehicles and the popularization of new energy technology, the development trend of the industry is constantly rising. Therefore, we have launched a new TRH10&TRH15 series of high-load SCARA robots for the new energy industry to bring more flexibility and humanization.

Chinese brand of industrial robot: TRH10&TRH15 series

The TRH10 & TRH15 series have the comprehensive capabilities of high load, precision, and speed. The TRH10 series has an arm span range of 600-1000mm. The modular design makes it easier to adjust the arm length. The rated load is 10kg, the maximum load is 20kg, and it can reach the standard cycle time of 0.39s. The TRH15 series is even more special. It has an arm span of 800-1000mm, a maximum load of 25kg, and a standard cycle time of 0.48s. It fully meets the iterative needs of process upgrades in the new energy industry.

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What breakthroughs have Chinese industrial robot brands made?

As a Chinese brand of industrial robots, we consider the three requirements of accuracy, load, and speed when designing the TRH10 & TRH15 series. It breaks through the contradiction between lightweight and the force deformation of the whole machine, the contradiction between the large inertia ratio and the control response, the contradiction between the significant inertia change and vibration suppression, etc. Under the same load conditions, the beat is faster, the load capacity is more robust, and the operation is more stable.

What are the specific applications?

TRH10&TRH15 series can meet core manufacturing requirements, assembly, chemical composition, and module PACK requirements in the lithium battery industry. The application of various process sections, such as silicon wafers, cells, and module production lines in the photovoltaic industry covers the demand for SCARA robots in the new energy industry. In addition, the TRH10&TRH15 series can also meet the application needs of 3C (screen lamination, screen printing, testing), packaging (positioning, molding, assembly), medical (transportation, sorting, assembly, testing, packaging), and other industries.

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What benefits can it bring to customers?

For example, one of our customers proposed the construction of a production line to increase production capacity. During the transformation of their automated production line, the load that needs to be grasped is close to 20kg. The actual rated load of the four-axis robot currently on the market with a maximum load of 20kg is 10kg. Most of the time, it requires usage at a reduced speed. The slow speed of the robot has become a problem for them. Therefore, we developed the TRH15 series of robots in response to this demand from our customers. Compared with traditional industrial robots, it achieves an increase in speed of at least 20%, meeting the customer’s on-site load requirements of nearly 20kg. It is suitable for heavy-load, high-speed application scenarios.

Integration with AI

In 2022, we will propose an integration solution using a “robot+” approach to solve the industry dilemma of system integration and improve the reuse rate of solutions. By “reusing” non-standard solutions in subdivided fields, the solutions can be standardized, modularized, and flexibly reorganized with the robot body to create a standard workstation in subdivided fields, that is, “Robot+”. Then, combine the workstation with AI to make “robot + AI” easy to learn, simple to debug, more flexible, able to handle more complex work scenarios, and truly easy to use.

Transform industries through innovative automation

Topstar is at the front end of industry transformation through innovative automation solutions. Precision, versatility, and AI technology have made Industrial Robot Chinese brands a dynamic force in the global industrial automation field.

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