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Plastic injection molding machine: Features and Applications of the TM ll Series

2024/02/16 By 兰兹

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The TM II series of Plastic injection molding machine has strong power, high efficiency, energy saving, reliability, simplicity, and ease of use. Suitable for electronic, optoelectronic, medical, and other plastic products. This guide will introduce you to its unique features and multi-functional applications in detail.

Product accessories for Plastic injection molding machine

As for the control system comes standard with a KEBA controller, PHASE motor, and DELTA drive combined with our independently developed control program to make production control more precise. The injection unit has a standard electroplating screw. It controls the temperature of the discharge port to promote higher production efficiency and a more comprehensive range of applicable rubber materials. Using oblique double injection cylinders and linear guides makes injection more precise and stable. At the same time, we also optimized the clamping design to strengthen and stabilize it.

Product features of Plastic injection molding machine

The plastic injection molding machine has an automatic compensation function in the mold opening position, can cooperate with the injection molding robot for precise grasping, and can be highly integrated with the auxiliary machine system. The new inclined machine hinge layout can realize ultra-long stroke mold opening. The mold opening position accuracy is controlled within <±1mm, making the template movement fast and stable. We have increased its ejector pin thrust by 20%, which is more conducive to the demoulding of connectors and plug-in products. The plastic injection molding machine has fully upgraded its oil circuit system, enabling fast differential clamping operation. Additionally, it increases overall machine efficiency by 15%, boosts servo power by 20%, raises firing speed by 20%, and enhances melt speed by 10%, thereby greatly shortening the injection molding cycle.

Application in daily necessities

Among daily necessities, plastic injection molding machines can produce various daily necessities such as containers, bottles and packaging materials. Packaging for beverages, cleaning and personal care products, storage boxes, disposable tableware, and a wide range of goods are produced using injection molding technology. Learn more in the video below.

Application in household appliances

The versatility of plastic injection molding machines reflects the ability to achieve a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Home appliance enclosures often require complex functionality, custom textures, and a variety of finishes. Injection molding meets these requirements, producing visually appealing and ergonomically designed housings.

User friendly interface

The user-friendly interface usually uses a touch screen or graphical user interface (GUI). The developers have designed the computer operation interface more humanely through the secondary development of the control system. It provides an intuitive platform for the operator to interact with the machine.

The interface lets users fine-tune molding by entering parameters such as temperature, pressure, and injection speed. Interfaces often incorporate real-time monitoring and feedback mechanisms to facilitate more accurate navigation. Operators can actively observe key metrics such as temperature distribution, cycle times, and pressure readings during molding. This real-time data enables users to make instant adjustments to ensure the production of high-quality plastic parts.

Elevating Injection Molding with the TM II Series

The TM II series plastic injection molding machines make injection molding easier and more efficient and enable mass production. You can leave a message on our official website if you want more information.

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