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Topstar with two industrial mother machine tour exhibitions in Tianjin, Ningbo, Chongqing

2023/06/01 By topstar


Recently, Topstar’s high-efficiency injection molding equipment and advanced five-axis CNC machine tool products have completed the Tianjin station, Ningbo station, Zhejiang Province, Chongqing station and other three-city tours.

First, efficient solutions to help enterprises improve quality and efficiency

Tianjin Station – “2023 Sixth China-Tianjin Plastics Industry Expo” is an important “order” platform for the northern plastics industry, with a display area of 75,000 square meters, nearly 1,000 exhibitors, and more than 8,000 professional visitors. Nearly a thousand, professional visitors more than 80,000 people. Topstar with TH650, TM170II, TEII160 three injection molding machines, peripheral auxiliary equipment and industry solutions, interpretation of the exhibition “innovation, intelligence, green, environmental protection” theme keywords.

Exhibition site, Topstar by the scene of business, industry colleagues, the media’s extensive attention. “We exhibit the injection molding equipment and the theme of the exhibition fits very well, especially in energy saving and emission reduction and improving production efficiency advantages.” Topstar North China war zone general manager Wu Shaojian said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency, the injection molding equipment on display can be widely used in furniture, medical, automotive and other industries, to provide injection molding automation solutions for the manufacturing industry as a whole, on-site production of children’s seats, water cups, blood glucose meter panels have attracted the attention of customers.

Wu Shaojian said: “Topstar has maintained an annual revenue growth of more than 30% in the past few years, the key is to continue to upgrade the core technology. We have a research and development team of nearly 1,000 people, using technological innovation to lead the high-quality development of enterprises, which coincides with the concept advocated by the exhibition.”

In recent years, the plastics industry in Tianjin has made a qualitative and quantitative leap, and many products with high technological content and market demand have supported the development and growth of the local plastics industry. With the official production of Tianjin’s one-million-ton ethylene project and the start of construction of some new large projects of plastic products, Tianjin’s plastics industry has sailed to a rapid development track, providing strong support for Topstar to further consolidate the northern market and help local enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency with efficient solutions and green low-carbon high-quality development.

Second, the five-axis CNC machine new products for the first time on display

At the same time, Topstar’s holding subsidiary, Evermi, with GMU800 and VMU6800, two advanced and efficient five-axis CNC machine tools landed in Ningbo station “the 18th China Mold Capital Expo”. This exhibition is an important machine tool exhibition in the Yangtze River Delta region and a professional machine tool exhibition certified by the Global Association of Exhibition Industry.

The GMU800 and GMU600 five-axis CNC machines were exhibited at the “23rd Liga International Machine Tool Fair” in Chongqing. The three five-axis CNC machins exhibited at the two exhibitions provide practical solutions for the auto parts industry and the “popularization of five-axis”.

Since then, Topstar’s industrial mother machine tour in May has been a successful conclusion, a new journey is about to open. 21-24 June, Topstar will take injection molding equipment to the “InterMold Thailand 2023”, the exhibition is one of the most influential plastic and rubber machinery exhibition in Asia One of the most influential plastic and rubber machinery exhibition in Asia. At that time, Topstar will be with many international brands on the same stage, showing the hard-core strength of China’s intellectual manufacturing.

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