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What is the lead time for purchasing an injection molding robot arm?

2024/05/24 By 兰兹

What is the lead time for purchasing an injection molding robot arm?

Many manufacturers in the plastics industry have integrated injection molding robot arms into injection molding machines. These arms can help the injection molding machine grasp plastic raw materials. Many users are concerned about the delivery time needed to purchase and implement this complex equipment. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the lead times required for purchasing an injection molding robot arm, guiding users through every process stage.

Initial inquiry and needs assessment

Purchasing an injection molding robot arm begins with an initial inquiry and needs assessment. This stage involves contacting a manufacturer or supplier who will gather information on available models, features, and specifications for a robotic arm suitable for your needs. Also, your production requirements, such as payload capacity, speed, accuracy, and compatibility with existing systems, must be clearly defined at this stage. The time required for this stage is subject to availability, depending on the complexity of your requirements and the supplier’s responsiveness. Typically, gathering all the necessary information can take one to two weeks, so have preliminary discussions and narrow down your options.

Injection Molding Robot Quotation and Budget Approval

Once you have a clear idea of the type of injection molding robot arm you need, the next step is to request quotes from shortlisted suppliers. This process involves detailed discussions about technical specifications, customization options, and additional services such as installation and training. The supplier will then provide a formal quote that includes the cost of the robotic arm and any add-ons and services. Then, for larger users, it may take another week or two to get and review quotes. Thereafter, you must obtain budget approval from the company’s finance department. The time required for budget approval varies depending on the company’s size and internal processes but generally takes one to two weeks.

Injection molding robot arm production plan

After the money is received, the formal order for the injection molding robot arm will start production. Production scheduling during the entire production process is a critical stage that can significantly affect the overall delivery time. Generally, standard models may be available for faster delivery or in stock. The delivery time for customized solutions will be longer. Generally speaking, this phase can take four to eight weeks. During this period, maintain regular communication with suppliers to understand production progress. The entire process also involves quality control, and we will take strict measures to ensure you receive a fully functional injection molding robot arm.

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Installment and debugging

Upon arrival at your facility, the next step is installation and commissioning. This phase includes setting up the robotic arm, integrating it with existing systems, and ensuring it operates properly. Generally speaking, suppliers will provide remote installation tutorials or arrange on-site masters to provide technical support to ensure that your team can effectively operate and maintain the robotic arm. You can basically complete this process in 1 to 2 days.

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Entering the final test

The final stage of the lead time for purchasing an injection molding robot arm includes final testing, ensuring that the robot performs as expected under actual production conditions and that your team is comfortable using it. This phase also includes commissioning, tuning, and fine-tuning to optimize performance. A new piece of equipment needs a certain amount of time to run with the injection molding machine and the operator to ensure that the subsequent production plan can proceed as scheduled.


The entire process of purchasing an injection molding robot arm, from initial inquiry to final test go-live, can take about one to three months. As a purchaser, you must make corresponding plans to ensure smooth procurement and implementation. By understanding each stage mentioned in the guide and its associated timeline, you can better coordinate with your supplier to install the equipment into your production line.

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