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What type of large injection molding machine is best?

2024/05/01 By 兰兹

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When faced with applications requiring large plastic parts, choosing the type of large injection molding machine is critical for manufacturers. If the choice is inappropriate, it will directly affect the final product molding. In this guide, we will share with you which type of large injection molding machine is best and what conditions and capabilities it has.

TH large injection molding machine type

Among Topstar, the TH series is the most suitable and best large injection molding machine type. They are direct-pressure injection molding machines with a clamping force ranging from 550T to 2800 T. Its function is determined by several core attributes, including mold clamping structure, platen size, and injection cylinder structure. The TH series can produce products with complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy, especially for products with thin walls, deep cavities, multiple cavities, and high dynamic balance requirements. They adopt advanced oil circuit designs in their product accessories and have European professional controllers to stabilize machine movements. At the same time, we also pay more attention to the actual customer experience and add many details of human-computer interaction to the design.

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Large injection molding machines adopt CNC proportional back pressure technology

Large injection molding machines equipped with CNC proportional back pressure technology enable fine control of back pressure during the plasticizing phase of the molding cycle. Back pressure occurs when the screw encounters resistance as it rotates and pushes the molten plastic forward in the barrel. Unlike traditionally, back pressure can now be adjusted and controlled electronically with high precision through CNC integration. A key component of the technology is the proportional solenoid valve, which regulates the hydraulic pressure applied to the screw based on real-time feedback and preset parameters. This precise control ensures consistent plastic melt density and uniformity while reducing potential defects in the product.

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Bi-directional synchronous injection cylinder structure

The bi-directional synchronous injection cylinder structure in large injection molding machines usually involves two identical hydraulic cylinders positioned relative to each other, which can prevent an unbalanced load from damaging the screw and linear rail. There are many advantages to using a bi-directional synchronous injection cylinder structure in large injection molding machines. First, it can balance force distribution, reduce wear on mechanical components of the machine, and extend the service life of the equipment. Second, it injects molten plastic with precise force and speed, thereby improving product quality and reducing defects such as warping or sink marks. Its advanced CNC or PLC-based control system controls the synchronization of the two cylinders. You can adjust the speed and pressure of each individual cylinder while ensuring they operate in complete harmony.

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Large injection molding machine adopts central four-cylinder mold clamping

The use of central four-cylinder clamping is the core of large-scale injection molding machines, which can achieve uniform force distribution and a strong clamping mechanism. The central four-cylinder clamping force can evenly distribute the clamping force in the center of the template, which can directly reduce mold wear and improve product consistency. One of the main advantages of this technology is that the direct clamping force exerted by the cylinder eliminates the mechanical stress and strain commonly observed in toggle systems. This technology not only extends the life of the mold but also speeds up the clamping cycle.

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Patented sealing structure

In large injection molding machines, the sealing structure mainly enhances the sealing ability around the injection unit, a key component where we heat plastic materials and inject them into the mold. This sealing structure solves the problem of easy wear and leakage due to the high pressure and temperature involved by incorporating advanced materials and unique configurations. The materials chosen in the seal construction are high-performance polymers and elastomers that offer excellent resistance to thermal degradation and chemical wear. They ensure that seals maintain their integrity and elasticity even under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

This is the best choice

The best type of large injection molding machine in Topstar is the TH series, which is the best choice for large plastic product manufacturers. Their sol back pressure technology, two-way synchronous injection cylinder structure, and central four-cylinder mold locking structure can prevent the mold from being affected by the deformation of the machine plate. The product has high molding accuracy and a high pass rate of the final product. You can also go to our official website to get more relevant information.

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