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A Foolproof Guide to CNC Laser Cutting Machines

2022/01/29 By LZ

CNC Laser Cutting Machines

What is CNC laser cutting and its Working principle?

CNC laser cutting machine is no longer strange to many customers today, especially for mechanical processing facilities. Good in most fields. You can use it from processing and manufacturing machinery to high-class interior and exterior decoration products.

Moreover, it comes with high precision, using a laser beam instead of a cutter to limit dirt and dust after each cut. The laser beams do not corrode, saving repair, replacement or replacement time.

CNC laser cutting of stainless steel

Especially products applied from stainless steel laser cutting. Stainless steel is very durable but extremely tough, making the machining process easier. Produce finished products with high aesthetics, without burning, staining, or deformation of the workpiece.

At the same time, the cnc laser cutting machine cutting strokes are always smooth, smooth, sharp. No jagged edges like conventional cutting methods. Similarly, it saves processing time after cutting, making machining time faster and cheaper.

CNC Laser Cutting Machines

What is CNC laser cutting?

When it comes to CNC technology (Computerized Numerically Controlled) is a completely machine-controlled system. This technology was born in the late 1940s and early 1950s.It is good for mechanical processing machines that control and operate fully automatically.

CNC laser cutting is a method of applying CNC technology to cut metal sheets in any direction by the control of computer software. The most commonly good laser machines are 2D cutters that can only cut on one plane. However, technology is developing more and more modern today. CNC laser cutting machine can also cut in 3D space to create more unique and diverse products.

Working principle of metal laser cutting method

First, prepare a full drawing, billet with the required thickness and size. Then move the workpiece to the right position, set the drawing to the Laser machine system

From the cutter head, a high-energy laser beam will emit to a point on the workpiece. Thanks to the lens system, a large amount of heat generates to melt the material at that point. With high pressure, the lasers will push the molten part out of the workpiece and into the bottom of the chassis.

The laser head of cnc laser cutting machine moves according to the pre-established drawings, forming shapes, textures, patterns, letters … as required.

CNC Laser Cutting Machines 2022

Application of CNC laser cutting processing method

We can use laser cutting to cut letters, numbers, characters, logos, etc. Making advertising signs is one of the most commonly good products today. With a shiny, beautiful surface, it attracts maximum customer attention.

Moreover, advertising signs often place outside the store, so that customers can easily see it. It is easy to damage by the environment. However, when using signs made of stainless steel, you can completely assure of their durability and longevity.

Making partitions, decorative walls

In order to replace the outdated walls, cnc laser cutting machine metal laser cutting partition panels were born. It both helps to divide the space, as well as as a decoration to make the space more eye-catching. With many unique designs from ancient patterned partition panels with formal style.

The floral wall patterns bring a new twist, with a variety of colors, suitable for both classical and modern architectural styles.

For houses with a large area, using partitions helps the space become less empty, creating a cozy atmosphere for the family. As for the houses with a small electric charge, the partition panels save a lot of space, not obstructing the view. It also creates more privacy for the owner.

Make a table and chair frame

With modern cnc laser cutting machine, the stainless-steel laser cutting table and chair models will make your living room more luxurious. It can be easily combined with many different materials such as stone surface, glass surface, mirror surface, wooden surface, sofa surface … Helping customers have more choices for their space.

Traditional metal cutting machines good in the past were limited in accuracy, cutting line as well as the aesthetics of the cut. Therefore, the CNC machine line was born to overcome the above limitations.

What is cnc laser cutting machine?

CNC stands for Computerized Numerically Controlled. This term is good in mechanical lathe systems that are controlled and manufactured completely automatically. The system was developed in the late 1940s and early 1950s by a team from the MIT Servomechanism Laboratory.

cnc machine

Thus, CNC cutting is the application of CNC technology to cut metal according to any curve based on the control of computer software. CNC machines can work in 2D, 3D, etc. Meanwhile, traditional metal cutting machines can only handle cutting lines with certain shapes. CNC machines can work well in 3D and are easily implemented by specially designed software.

What are CNC machines good for?

Today, the demand for using cnc laser cutting machine is increasing day by day to design items that require high aesthetics and sophistication, here are some applications of CNC machining:

  • Engraving textures, patterns, 3D images, signs, advertising
  • Carving and cutting on wood, on plexiglass panels, on models
  • Engraved on crystal, glass, stone glass
  • Engraving, cutting metal and wood materials

Working principle of CNC machine

CNC machines include many different types of machines such as engraving machines, lathes, faders, planers… However, all of them work on the general principle that the main shaft will move in the Z direction from the top down, the table is. Hold the product in the X, Y axis brings the cutting edge to all surface of the product.

How to use a CNC machine?

Operating a cnc laser cutting machine is not as complicated as many people think. Usually, before handing over the machine, the engineer team will guide you carefully from the simplest steps.

TopStar specializes in providing quality CNC machines that bring high economic efficiency as well as fuel savings and the ability to cut materials and increase productivity. Your mechanical work will also be much lighter thanks to CNC technology.

If you have any doubts about the product’s capabilities and costs, please contact our company immediately. A team of skilled, technically knowledgeable staff will advise and answer all your questions in detail, helping you choose an optimal cnc laser cutting machine for your needs.

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