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The Best ways to Utilize CNC Engraving Machines

2022/01/29 By 兰兹

CNC Engraving Machines

CNC engraving machine developed in the late 1940s and early 1950s at MIT’s Servomechanism laboratory and was gradually improved and strongly developed to this day.

Advantages – Disadvantages and applications of CNC Machines

Advantages of CNC Machines

Compared with hand-controlled machine tools, the working results of CNC machines do not depend on the operator’s proficiency. The machine operator mainly plays the role of monitoring and checking the operating functions of the machine.

Compared with automatic machines according to challenging programs (using cams, gauges, stoppers, planetary switches). CNC machine tools have high flexibility in programming work, especially with the help of machines. Computer, saving machine adjustment time, achieving high economy even with small series of products.

CNC Engraving Machines

CNC engraving machines have favorable conditions for customers

In this paragraph, the only advantage of CNC machines is the method of working with the “electronic – digitized” information processing system. It allows the connection of processing systems within the management of the whole enterprise, creating favorable conditions for customers.

Expanding event automation of the entire production process, application of modern techniques through local area network (LAN) or global interconnection network (WAN).

Machines with CNC technology achieve high displacement speed.

Firstly, the digital control machine can perform many different movements at the same time. Automatically adjust tool errors, automatically check the size of the part, and thereby automatically correct the relative position deviation between knives and details.

Secondly, CNC engraving machine tools can process a series of small parts, react flexibly when technological tasks change. Thirdly, the most important point is that the machining can do outside the machine, in the office with the help of employees. support of information technology through computer devices, microprocessors,

Reproducible accuracy characterizes a degree of stability

Most CNC machines can perform many different operations without changing the mounting position of the part. Reproducible accuracy characterizes a degree of stability throughout the process. It ensures high machining quality, which is the absolute superiority of digitally controlled machines.

However, the principle of numerical control itself is the fundamental guarantee of machining accuracy on the machine. In addition, cnc engraving machine also have the advantage of making the most of cutting modes, cutting principles and mounting options. Ensuring high accuracy and stable product quality.

A necessary and important feature for industrial enterprises

In short, the choice of today’s generation of CNC machines has become a necessary and important feature for industrial enterprises. Since it can be profitable, it is reproducible and has high features that cannot achieve by conventional sewing tools.

  • Disadvantages of CNC Machines
  • Higher manufacturing cost.
  • Moreover, the purchase price of the machine is more expensive.
  • Similarly, maintenance and repair costs are also higher.
  • Machine operation is more complicated.
  • Hence, changing the operator is more complicated.

Application of CNC Engraving Machine

In today’s life, cnc engraving machines have many applications to meet the higher and higher usage needs of customers. Furthermore, some of the most prominent applications can mention:

Most importantly, CNC machines can process any product according to customer needs or mold the product, regardless of whether the product is made of wood, stone, metal, etc.

Application in the home appliance industry:

With precise techniques from cnc programming software. The surfaces of household products are cut precisely and meticulously with high gloss and standard. Henve,, it applies in making molds for electrical appliances, refrigeration, household appliances, etc.

Application in the furniture manufacturing industry:

Moreover, CNC engraving machine have replaced carpenters, eliminating the need for them to directly participate in carving little by little on the surface of the product. Instead, you need to program a drawing, and the machine will build from there. Also, the quality of products made from cnc machines is as sophisticated and meticulous as those made from the talented hands of skilled carpenters.

Besides, cnc machines can also process broken machine parts without spare parts, so it mainly applies to manufacturing companies and supplying machine parts.

CNC Engraving Machines 2022

Structure and classification of cnc engraving machine

Today, there are many types of CNC machines manufactured from many countries with different standards. But in general, a CNC machine must have basic parts, including two main parts:


  • Base,
  • Moreover, the Body,
  • Table,
  • Similarly, Turntables,
  • Ball screw,
  • Tool holder,
  • Furthermore, the Spindle assembly
  • Guide belt

Control part:

  • Motors,
  • In addition, Control systems
  • Central computer
  • Execution part

Body and base of the CNC machine:

 Usually come of cast iron parts because cast iron has 10 times higher compressive strength than steel and are tested after casting to ensure no casting defects. The machine body contains the control system, the motor of the main shaft, and many other systems.

The flexible and precise movement of the Machine table:

The machine table is a place to place workpieces or jigs. Thanks to the flexible and precise movement of the table, the machining ability of the cnc engraving machine greatly increases, capable of processing details with complex profiles. Moreover, mostly on CNC or medium machines.

In modern machining centers, the table is a rotating machine table, it has the same meaning as the 4th and 5th axis of the machine.

Where the tool installs the Spindle assembly?

 The rotation of the spindle will generate cutting force to cut the workpiece during machining. The system precisely controls the angle between the rotating and stationary parts of the motor. Spindle motor for increased torque and fast acceleration. Furthermore, this control system allows the user to increase the spindle speed very quickly.

Guide tape:  The system of guide sliders is responsible for guiding the board’s movement in the X, Y, and the Z axis of the main axis.

Lead screw, nut: In numerically cnc engraving machine tools, people often use two basic types of lead screw: normal nut lead screw and ball nut lead screw: Normal nut lead screw: is a lead screw type. and nut with face contact. Ball nut lead screw: a type where the lead screw and nut have a rolling contact form

Faster and highly automated

Common to store many tools for the machining process. Thanks to the magazine, the CNC machine can perform various cutting operations consecutively with many kinds of cutters. Therefore, the cnc engraving machine process is faster and highly automated.

Dynamic chains of the machine:

All transmission lines to each actuator of the numerically controlled machine tool use separate power sources, so the kinematic chains are only two basic types: learning cutting speed, Kinematics of the feed chain

Main control assemblies on CNC machines:

Machine control cluster MCU form based on electronic control equipment, input and output devices and digital devices. It is the heart of CNC numerical control machine tools.

In conclusion, the cnc engraving machine command executed inside the controller will inform the motor to rotate the correct number of revolutions → the ball screw to rotate the correct number of revolutions, → drag the straight movement of the table and the tool.

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